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Spring Cleaning with Eureka

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I know we are so close to June but there is still plenty of time for you to get done your Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is one of those things that in my opinion can be done anytime of the year and in our house we do a full house scrub from top to bottom at least four times a year if not more.

Eureka was kind enough to send me the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Upright Vacuum model AS3012A to help me tackle my Spring cleaning which I really appreciate considering we have a full house. With three kids and three dogs we are using the vacuum at least twice a day sometimes three depending which means we need a dependable vacuum since we put ours through the ringer. (so far this baby is working and cleaning like a CHAMP!)

See below for some really great Spring cleaning tips from Eureka:
Eureka Spring Cleaning Tips for Families-page-001
Looking for an everyday vacuum that will get your rugs cleaner then they ever have been? If so head over to Walmart where you can pick one up for only $99 which to me is a steal for this awesome vacuum. The first time I used this vacuum it looked like there was a months worth of dirt in the canister but like I said we vacuum often and daily. The suction is awesome and it’s easy to maneuver. It is really lightweight at only 15.5 lbs and the canister is really easy to empty so you wont spill the dirt all over while emptying it.

Let get the specs out of the way so we can get back to cleaning talk:

Certification: UL
Cleaning Path Width: 13 inches
Cord Length: 27 feet
Country of Origin: Mexico
Cyclonic: Multi-Cyclonic
Dimensions: 13.5″ X 12.5″ X 43″
Weight: 15.5 lbs
Dust Capacity: 1.34 quarts
Filter: Washable filter, DCF-25
Height Adjustments: 5 Settings
Hose Length: 12 feet
Power: 12 amps
Surface Type: All Floors
Tools: Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Stair & Upholstery Turbo Nozzle
Warranty: 3-year warranty


When this vacuum first arrived it took me about 10 minutes from box to use which I thought was pretty good. It was super simple to use right off the bat without reading any instructions and the suction power is insane like I have already mentioned.


Since receiving this vacuum it has been used at least a dozen times and we have put this bad boy to the test cleaning all types of different surfaces and it passed every one with flying colors. We have owned may vacuums over the years and this one ranks at the very top for me. All I look for is good suction and easy to use. If it can clean the rugs and leave them spotless while being simple to use I am all in.

If you are in the market for a new Eureka vacuum (which you are, hint, hint) you are in luck because we are giving one away. All we need you to do is give us your best spring cleaning tip.

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I have a Eureka and I love it. I would never even look at another brand because I am super happy with my Eureka.

  2. CourtneyLynne says

    I have this same exact vacuum and love it! So light weight 🙂

  3. No tops for spring cleaning here. I wonder does this one have a hepa filter. I need that to help with my allergies-desperately.

  4. Great cleaning tips. I also have a Eureka and I think it is the best one available.

  5. I’m always looking for a great vacuum cleaner with tons of suction! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Looks like a great, powerful vacuum that makes your carpets super clean. I will have to think about getting an Eureka once I have a house again that comes with carpets!

  7. Nicole Escat says

    I’ve seen a lot of Eureka products here and I am hesitant of trying a new brand but your review sounds great!

  8. Evie B. says

    My best spring cleaning tip is to try to involve the whole family and assign people different spaces.

  9. Colleen Boudreau says

    When in doubt, throw it out!

  10. Julie Wood says

    I love this awesome Eureka vacuum! It is such a pretty color. My best Spring Cleaning tip is to wash the windows when it is cloudy outside so the sun will not dry out the cleanser before you can wipe it clean.

  11. My tip is to choose a room or space and work on it until it is done. Jumping from project to project doesn’t work for most people

  12. Jessica To says

    My tip is to start with your smallest room and get the whole family to help. Once you see how good one room looks, it’s incentive to tackle the bigger rooms.

  13. The suction power is the absolute key determinant in a vacuum being great or not. I also like how you can see when it’s time to dump the dirt.

  14. Jessica says

    Always start your cleaning from the top to bottom! Dont want to have to start over!

  15. shelly peterson says

    I work on one room at a time but I do try to clean as I go so there is less mess over all.

  16. My tip is to clean a little bit every day

  17. Dawn Monroe says

    I like to have all my supplies on hand and get the whole family involved.

  18. Marnie says

    We are we doing our floors for our spring clean up. This would be awesome!

  19. My tip is to not wait until spring cleaning to give your home a thorough cleaning. Clean each day and you can avoid a big mess.

  20. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Cleaning Tip Is To Choose A Room A Day To Clean From Top To Bottom. Dust, Sweep, Mop, Wash Linens. Keep A Rotation Going With Every Room.

  21. Laurajj says

    I use the kitchen sponges with the scrubber on one side to clean my window screens. I take them out and lay them in the grass…then I wipe them down the the scrubber. Gets them so clean!

  22. Laurajj says

    I left a comment on your Cooking With Your Kids post. 🙂

  23. Sarah Hall says

    I choose to clean one thing at a time. One day it will be all the windows and next it may be cleaning light fixtures.

  24. Lisa Brown says

    Tip: enroll the family to help out and offer fun incentives so the cleaning gets done.

  25. commented on Easy Mason Jar Crafts

  26. kelly tupick says

    I would say my best tip is to start with one room at a time and clean from top to bottom. This way you don’t fell overwhelmed with doing every room at once.

  27. Cheryl B says

    Less is more, get rid of the clutter. Less dust and less work.

  28. Karen Nadeau says

    I think opening the windows to free dust helps and do a little at a time so you don’t push yourself to start hating it.

  29. My tip is to clean as you go.

  30. Lauren says

    I use vinegar for a lot of cleaning tasks.

  31. Mary Cloud says

    Take your time and don’t try to do everything in one day or you’ll give up

  32. Steve Weber says

    My best spring cleaning tip is if you don’t use it sell it or get rid of it!

  33. Do one room at a time and declutter. If you havnt used it in a year you probably never will.

  34. My tip is to go room to room and don’t move to the next space until you have finished.

  35. Jessica says

    My best tip is to declutter before you start to clean.

  36. Tabathia B says

    I try to do it one room at a time, it’s always a good idea to stay focus and one tip is I like to clean the bathroom daily basis

  37. Bo Simms says

    My best spring cleaning tip is to go through everything and make piles – if i don’t need it or used it in a year, then donate it. it helps to decluttter and to give to others.

  38. Kenya F says

    We clean up every weekend so that we don’t have so much to do. Saves time and energy

  39. Ellie Wright says

    Every Spring I take all of our mini blinds down and hang them outside and spray wash them with the water hose. Then let them dry in the sun.

  40. Deborah G. says

    My tip is to go section by section and only clean one room at a time.


  42. Deborah G. says

    My tip is to start by tidying one room at a time, section by section. Then you can deep clean.

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