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Ultimate Teen Party on a Limited Mommy Budget

So, you promised your teenager a party? Perhaps it is the sweet 16 bash your child has waited their entire life for or maybe it is to celebrate a great year, they remembered to put their clothes in the laundry or any other major accomplishment. The day has come (after your child has reminded you about a ½ dozen times) to start party planning. Mommy, you were a teen once, so I know you remember your expectations versus your parents, right? You remember your list of wants versus what your parents were willing to pay for being drastically different! Most of us don’t live like the people our teens idolize on television. So as you plan your party, set limits and guidelines right away. You can still have an amazing party on a realistic budget.

No Helicopters, No Limos, No Way

It is your choice if you can financially afford to spend a large amount of money on a party for your teen but for the majority of us, we can’t fly in the latest pop artist or rent out a fleet of limousines, but we still want to throw an amazing party. It is important to set that financial boundary with your overly excited teen at the beginning of the planning stage. Use this opportunity to talk to your teen about budgeting and being smart about expenses. Instead of renting out an expensive venue, mommy can move some furniture around in the basement. Transform your basement into a cool party space and remember, it is your teen’s party but it is your budget, so you have to do what makes sense to your pockets. Check out Limo Find.

No alcohol/Drugs, No Drama

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Yes, teenage parties get a lot of negative flack. Television has done a remarkable job depicting teenage house parties as wild and uncontrollable with the police arriving only after the entire house is destroyed. Ensure that this party is safe and fun and use this as an opportunity to have a conversation with your child about how important it is for you to have open communication. Set the ground rules and your teen will understand that they are responsible for everything that takes place. Make it clear that if all goes well, mommy may very well consider more parties in the future but if all goes wrong, then it will never happen again (and stick to your agreement).

No Surprises

Once you have all the details figured out, allow your teen to send out invitations. These days, the speed of technology is both great and maybe not so great here. Teenagers can text faster than most of us can speak so the fact that they can communicate about anything in seconds makes for a huge guest list if you aren’t careful. You don’t want a few kids showing up that your teen doesn’t even know. Be clear about who is coming and it isn’t a bad idea to communicate with the parents of each child.

No Extra Expenses, No Stress

Here are a few additional party tips:

  • Throw a candy party/candy buffet. Teens love snacks so consider reaching out to a company that specializes in sending bulk candy and candy buffets. Something quick at a decent price and a different spin on your typical party treats!
  • Don’t hire a DJ, get your speakers and have your child create a playlist using their phone or MP3 player.
  • Don’t forget, this is your teen’s party so this is your teen’s mess! Part of being a responsible parent is to raise a responsible kid.
  • Have fun, create memories!


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