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Fit Fun – Staying Active in Melbourne

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stay fit

We all know the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Being fit increases our overall well-being, makes us feel better, stronger, more capable, more confident, and more energetic. The problem with our modern lifestyles is that, for a lot of people, physical activity has become a chore that we have to squeeze into our schedule on top of everything else, and it is often the first thing to be let go when we are busy. But if you find ways to make fitness fun, then you will want to keep going back for more! Here are some great ways to get and stay fit in Melbourne, while having a blast.

Activity Centres

There are some awesome trampoline parks in Melbourne open and waiting for you! Trampoline parks are fun for people of (almost) all ages and they are places you can take your family. The best thing about trampoline parks is they offer a great workout, without you even realise you are exercising. They require almost zero coordination, and they are plenty of fun! So if you want to do something a little different and spend an afternoon having a blast while working up a sweat then head to your nearest tramp park.


The city of Melbourne is trying to encourage healthy living by offering free exercise programs in partnership with the Heart Foundation. But the most efficient way to improve your fitness is by changing your daily habits. Start walking to work if it’s not too far – or walking to the train or tram station. Take the stairs rather than an escalator or elevator. Take a walk around the block on your lunch break instead of staying at your desk. If you can find ways throughout your daily routine to insert physical activities you will make fitness part of your life, rather than trying to find space to insert it. Your health should be a priority, so find ways to make it so.

Mixed Touch Football

Get fit with your friends and partner by playing mixed touch football. This is a great social event which has the option of ending with post-game drinks (depending how fitness focussed you want it to be). You might think that you aren’t athletic enough for touch football, but you will find that winning games actually has less to do with speed and stepping, and more to do with teamwork and tactics. A good team of friends has the chance of beating a group of fast young footy players, which is one thing that makes the game so fun. There’s also something really special and rewarding about being able to exercise with your partner, so encourage each other and give it a try.


Yoga has the capacity to change your lifestyle by centring your focus on doing what is best for your body. Research shows that people who regularly practice yoga eat better and make better health choices. Yoga encourages you to centre on your breathing and to recognise and take notice of the feelings and sensations in your body.

By increasing your body awareness, you will begin to make choices that put your body and your health first. After practising yoga, you are not likely to go straight to the local pizza joint and down a meat-lovers before smoking a pack of cigarettes. Yoga helps teach you self-control by putting you under physical strain that requires mental focus.

Joining a gym isn’t for everyone and can be expensive if you aren’t using it. So, try to get active by changing your daily habits and getting involved with activities that you enjoy. Fitness needs to be fun!

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