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What Canadians Should Know about Vacationing in America

America is a country that most vacationers have a love-hate relationship with.  It can be expensive, the people may seem abrasive at times, and there are cultural changes even if you’re crossing the border from Canada!  If you’re done looking at real estate for sale in Whistler and are considering a trip stateside, here are some of the best things to keep in mind!  You can still have a blast, but it’s better to know ahead of time!

Not All Rude Comments Are Meant To Be Rude

Many Americans like to quip and joke around to show familiarity.  This plan can be an excellent way for them to quickly get closer to other people while also showing they have a similar humor sense.  Suppose you introduce yourself and say you’re Canadian. In that case, a portion of Americans may rib the accent that popular media says all Canadians have or joke if you ever apologize- it’s not meant to hurt you!  If anyone goes over the top or crosses a line you’re not comfortable with, it’s essential to set boundaries, but generally, they’re trying to show familiarity and connect.

Accents Change Rapidly 

Although there are two or three cliche American accents that everyone knows, dozens more go unmentioned.  If you’re traveling to New Orleans, you may find it hard to understand some locals, and the same goes for some areas in the Appalachian Mountains and the other regions.  The dialect changes from state to state, and if you have trouble understanding, you’re not alone!

Keep Miles In Mind

Although it may seem evident that America measures by miles, it’s essential to keep it in mind.  After a couple of days of driving, you’ll realize that most spoken directions aren’t given by time it takes, but instead by distance only.  Luckily, our smartphones are always on hand to help us translate the space into km if we ever need it, but it’s good to convert it yourself loosely.  

It’s Easy to Save Money

America is the land of coupons and discount codes.  If you want to travel cheaper, pay attention to sales and coupons.  Most Americans take these deals for granted, but nearly every store has a discount section and almost constant sales.  Although Amazon is in Canada, you’ll be shocked when you log onto the American version of the site and see lower prices and a ton of more options.  Besides healthcare or cars, America is a pretty inexpensive place to buy goods.  

Be Aware Of Where You AreAlthough being a tourist may make you feel like every new road and town is exciting, that isn’t always the case.  Keep an eye on your surroundings and what parts of states and cities you go to.  Please don’t travel alone to unknown cities if you’re uneasy.  Most Americans are welcoming and kind people, but crime happens as it does anywhere else.  Please don’t go into any city or state with rose-colored glasses and think it’s a spotless area because of what you’ve seen online.

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