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Why Nature is the Star in Current Baby Nursery Design

New moms and dads belong to a generation that is passionate about the Planet, with Pew Research finding that one of the issues they most believe in is stopping climate change in its tracks. This interest manifests itself in many ways—including a penchant for recycling, supporting eco-friendly companies, and embracing sustainable design trends. In the world of home and nursery design, it’s all about nature—celebrating the many physical and mental health benefits that preserving a relationship with the Great Outdoors can bring. If you have a baby or you are expecting one, the following trends may provide you with desired inspiration for their nursery.

Gender-Neutral Designs

Of the many nursery design trends holding sway this season, that of gender neutrality is certainly rising above many others, and nature and sustainability fit right in with the values it espouses. Thus, parents were embracing sustainable materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood for features such as flooring and cribs. Colors like gray, green, and orange are proving popular, inspired as they are on the stones, leaves, and the sun. For decorative pieces like small rugs and bunting, vintage colors like ashes or roses, peach, pale blue, orange-brown, and sage are in. Natural fibers such as rattan and macrame, meanwhile, add a boho-chic appeal that is very much in the spirit of the age.

Nature-Inspired Prints

Nature-themed prints are also proving popular. Think jungle-printed blankets, fern-embellished fabrics for baby pods, and hand-painted forest-inspired murals. For walls, vintage flower illustrations and stickers are proving popular, as are nighttime symbols such as stars and the moon. For larger rugs, natural fiber is the way to go, especially in hues such as cream and beige.

Incorporating Rustic Features

Rustic, woodland-themed nurseries are taking biophilic love to the next level, creating a cozy cabin atmosphere that is particularly suited to colder climes. Just a few features to watch out for when you’re shopping include mountain-inspired murals, rustic wooden boards on walls and check accents, wood-beamed chandeliers, wooden boat paddles on the walls for decoration, and rattan seats hanging from the ceiling. It’s all about evoking the sporty, outdoorsy feel of a modern log cabin.

Living Elements

Nature-inspired décor details are part and parcel of the ‘biophilic movement,’ which in many ways seeks to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. In addition to embracing natural materials and fibers, this design style invites people to bring nature into their homes—including personal spaces like bedrooms and nurseries. Corner potted plants, hanging plants, and green bamboo growing in vases add a beautiful touch of green to a nursery. If you like this idea, make sure to select non-toxic plants like baby’s tears, prayer-plants, spider plants, and African violets. In general, keep plants above the baby’s reach or behind furniture.  

Nature is a star player in design, and this concept extends to modern nurseries. Top trends include the use of nature-based themes and natural materials. Plants are also adding a ‘green’ touch to interiors and complementing green, stone, and beige tones to perfection, giving a bit of life to a baby’s favorite place to get a little rest and relaxation.