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Family-friendly amusement parks you can’t miss in Puerto Rico

If you are dreaming of gorgeous beaches, stunning tropical scenery, and warm, sunny weather for your next vacation, then Puerto Rico should be high on your list. One of the Caribbean’s most charming and delightful islands, it boasts a fascinating history and culture, great cuisine, and all the best parts of a tropical paradise island…plus you don’t even need your passport to get there!

For families, Puerto Rico is one of the finest Caribbean destinations, full of family-friendly activities and excellent attractions that are perfect for kids of any age. So if you are looking for somewhere to take the kids this year that is as enjoyable for them as it is for you, take a cruise to Puerto Rico and uncover this wonderful and accessible gem for yourself.

Carabalí Rainforest Adventure Park

Just outside the lush extravagance of El Yunque Rainforest, Hacienda Carabali is a tourist complex with something for every member of the family, from young to old. From go-karts and ATVs to horses and ponies to ride, it’s essentially a natural amusement park that delves into the rich atmosphere of El Yunque to provide thrills and excitement. One of the best elements of the park is the Rio Mameyes, a truly delightful spot for a dip in the cool, fresh water of the river. Alongside the attractions there are souvenir shops and restaurants, allowing families to spend the whole day here. 

Coqui Water Park

As a Caribbean island, it isn’t surprising that many of Puerto Rico’s best attractions are based around the water. Coqui Water Park is a riot of water slides, pools, and wave machines, and makes a fantastic option for families who want to cool off from the tropical heat. 

Olimpia Water Park

The Olimpia Water Park is actually a self-contained section of the Albergue Olimpico sports center, and it is one of the best spots in Puerto Rico for family-friendly fun. It offers a variety of slides and wave pools, as well as the only kid-friendly water racers on the island. The atmosphere at the park is charming, designed to mimic the nearby beaches, and it is a great place to relax for most of the day. Best of all, your entry pass gives access to the entire sports center, so older members of the family can enjoy the olympic pool, the tennis courts, and the gym.

Arroyo’s Surfing Park

As its name suggests, the main attraction at Arroyo’s Surfing Park is the thrilling WaveOZ FlowRider surf simulator. This innovative ride (the only example in Puerto Rico) lets you hit up waves and breaks in the comfort of the water park itself, and is a fantastic option for smaller surf tykes just getting to grips with their board. There are plenty of other attractions in the park too for those who aren’t keen on surfing, as well as an excellent cantina for parents to unwind in when the excitement gets too much!

Arecibo Lighthouse & Historical Park

Not your traditional theme park, Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park is dedicated to exploring the history of Puerto Rico in a fun yet educational way. It includes a replica Taino village, three Spanish conquistador ships (and a bonus pirate ship!), a playground, and the Pirate’s Lair, a cave where your children can explore the myths, legends, and realities of the Golden Age of Piracy in the West Indies. It is a fascinating alternative to the more adrenaline-packed thrills of a traditional amusement park, and will entertain your kids just as effectively!


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