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How to Travel With Kids

It can be overwhelming when travelling with the whole family internationally for the first time. There will be a few challenges along the way, but they can be manageable when you are prepared.

Here are some travel tips we think are helpful when travelling with kids.

Essential Travel Tips When Travelling With Kids

Jetsetting with your youngsters? Here are six essential travel tips that should minimise the hassle of your trips.

Talk to your kids about what to expect but be realistic

Once your kids see many new things going on in a new place, they may become confused and uncomfortable. It helps to explain the trip to them and let them understand what will happen at every point in the journey.

This includes what they can expect when they arrive at the airport, when they board the plane, and finally when they arrive at the destination.

This is also a window for you to tell them the behaviours you want to expect from them throughout the trip. Let them know how they should behave at the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, and on the rest of the itinerary. Lauren from shares guidance on how to handle different child behaviours, so make sure to check out the website.

Take things slowly

If rushing off the plane through the airport is what you were used to, then it’s time to let everyone dash around you from the airport to the aircraft. Now that you’re traveling with your kids, everything will take longer—from checking in, getting through security, and boarding the plane—and it’s okay; enjoy it.

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Don’t overpack—and we mean it

The common mistake families make when packing for a trip is that they take everything their kids use to make home routines consistent. This is not a good idea. There’s a high probability that you will be carrying at least one kid after a long flight. Would you still be able to have a heavy suitcase while holding your kid?

The intelligent thing to do is pack only what is necessary. Unfortunately, it’s improbable that home routines will not be disrupted when travelling, so packing everything isn’t going to preserve your practices. What comes out from it is sore arms and frustration.

Indeed, no matter where you travel, you can always find and buy the things you need there.

Pre-book everything

You might have gotten used to arriving at a destination and walking around town before picking a hotel. But this habit won’t work when travelling with kids.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, the next thing you’ll want to do is go straight to your hotel so you can drop off your bags. This will also give the kids a chance to nap. Otherwise, all hell breaks loose. Kids can get very cranky when they’re tired.

For flexibility in location, you can book at least a night ahead of time and then decide where to stay next for the rest of the trip.

But, the pre-booking task doesn’t end there. You can also book restaurants ahead of time. So, that’s one less thing you will have to worry about when feeding your family on time.

Snacks, snacks, snacks—there’s no better way to emphasise this

Hunger can take the fun out of the trip. Whether it’s the delayed flights, horrible traffic on the way to your hotel, or a museum tour that takes up much more time than you thought it would, there’s no telling when the time between meals gets extended.

It’s always a good idea to bring your kids’ favourite snacks and drinks to help keep everyone happy until you can eat a proper meal.

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Always keep track of your kids

We can’t reiterate this enough. Regardless of what you are doing, always keep your eyes on your kids. It’s so easy for us to get preoccupied with something like buying food. Kids are quick on their feet; the next thing you know, they have wandered over to the next shop to check out toys and candies.

If you are travelling with another adult, share duties—one can watch over the kids. If you are travelling alone with your kids, watch them like a hawk and always hold their hands.

You can also attach a GPS tracking device to your kids’ wrists or inner sleeves so you can follow along via your phone. But, do not rely heavily on this as it may not function properly. Instead, to prepare for the worst-case scenario, make sure your kids know your contact information. It should include your name, phone number, email address, and hotel address.


No matter where you travel, everything may not go as planned, but you will get a lot of new experiences with your kids. Don’t forget to use some of our travel tips to make your travel much more manageable, fun, and memorable for everyone.