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Winner Chosen…Baby Rock Apparel, Party Giveaway #6

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Stef plus 3 said… 61
Mya would look so cute in the “lil sis” tee.
Stef btbcunninghamfamily at gmail dot com
March 18, 2009 5:48 PM

My kids are the cool kids of the neighborhood! Wanna know why? Just check out Shaun below.
That’s a Baby Rock Apparel t-shirt he’s wearing. It says “Sorry girls, I only date models”. Hoodies and headwear, tees and tunes are just some of the cool choices that you can find at Baby Rock Apparel. With sizes ranging from baby to big kid I was excited that they had stuff for Shaun. He’s a big kid so I got him the 8T and it should fit through the summer. The first night he wore it we out to dinner and our server loved it. I love fun clothing for my kids and Baby Rock Apparel hits the nail on the head.

Founded in 2004, Baby Rock Apparel was created out of the necessity to clothe infant, baby and toddler boys in trendy baby clothes. Baby Rock Apparel was among the first baby clothes manufacturers to offer hip baby clothes with an edge for boys and girls. The market is crowded with followers, but Baby Rock continues to lead the pack with innovative stylish designs on one-pieces, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and beanies.
Making much more than a fashion statement, Baby Rock Apparel donates a portion of its profits to The Pediatric Cancer Foundation. “Cancer has impacted our family like it has so many others, so we found it fitting to contribute to this great foundation to help kids”, says Kimberly Strayer, President of Baby Rock Apparel.

Baby Rock Apparel has offered a LookWhatMomFound reader the chance to win their choice of a onesie or tee. Need to buy something from them NOW, use discount code lookwhatmomfound to get 15% off any purchase till April 16th.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Baby Rock Apparel, then come back and leave me a comment letting me know what tee or onesie you would pick. (non-bloggers are welcome to enter. Be Sure To Leave a Valid Email Address)

Extra Entries: Mandatory Entry must be done first. Leave a new comment for each action taken.

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If your entries do not follow the rules, they will not be eligible to win.
Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday March 31, 2009. If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen. I will email prize winner and also post winners name here on LookWhatMomFound the day after the contest ends.Winner will be chosen at Random! I will be using Random.com to select the winner.Contest open to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Maryann says

    My Grandma Rocks, my mom rocks, Chick Magnet, too many to choose from. Love them!

  2. Maryann says

    got Spring Party button

  3. Maryann says

    Got your button

  4. Maryann says

    I entered Over the Top Aprons

  5. Danielle says

    I love “Really…I’m with the band” t-shirt.


  6. I’d like the pink Mommy Rocks onesie. too cute

  7. I follow

  8. Paula Lenahan says

    I love the Rollin With My Peeps tee shirt!!


  9. Paula Lenahan says

    i entered over the top aprons

  10. Paula Lenahan says

    i entered the fancy ferris

  11. Paula Lenahan says

    i follow you on twitter and I tweeted about this contest!!


  12. YZgirl4 says

    I love the princess tatoo tee


  13. YZgirl4 says

    entered the over the top aprons giveaway


  14. YZgirl4 says

    entered the fancy ferris giveaway


  15. Shannon says

    Mullet vs. Mohawk haha cute! Love it.

  16. EllyBean says

    I like the Royal Highness T-Shirt!

    ellybean (at) connected2christ.com

  17. Erin Tales says

    I like the blue chick magnet tee.


  18. Erin Tales says

    I follow publicly.


  19. Erin Tales says

    I have you spring party button.

  20. Erin Tales says

    i have your button and you are on my blogroll

  21. I think the I only date models shirt is SOOO funny..but I also like the No.1 Rocker one!

  22. i follow your blog!

  23. I put the spring button up!

  24. I entered the pedoodles giveaway

  25. Marianna says

    I’d love the “Go Green Rocker” tee.

  26. Marianna says

    i follow

  27. Marianna says

    i have your LWMF buton

  28. Marianna says

    i entered the LittleMissMatch giveaway

  29. MoodyMommy says

    I tweeted…and follow


  30. MoodyMommy says

    I follow on your site

  31. MoodyMommy says

    I grabbed the spring button

  32. I love the Sorry Boys I only date Rock Stars shirt!

  33. I entered the Nurture My Body giveaway

  34. judybrittle says

    I would really like the What Happens In Preschool Stays In Preschool tee
    in red. That is cute! Thank you!

  35. judybrittle says

    I entered Pedoodle giveaway.

  36. judybrittle says

    I entered Over the Top Aprons giveaway.

  37. judybrittle says

    I entered Nurture My Body giveaway.

  38. judybrittle says

    i entered the LittleMissMatch giveaway

  39. Stef plus 3 says

    Mya would look so cute in the “lil sis” tee.

    Stef btb
    cunninghamfamily at gmail dot com

  40. The Hutson Family says

    I like the big brother, honor and defend shirt…

  41. Isabella says

    I like the “my dad rocks” or “really – I’m with the band” tees.

  42. Isabella says

    I blogged about this giveaway.

  43. JeansandTs says

    My Grandma Rocks! Light Pink 2T T-Shirt

  44. I love the Chick Magnet

  45. I entered the Peedoddles giveaway

  46. I have your button on my blog: http://www.falonefamily.blogspot.com

  47. furygirl3132 says

    I would definitely choose the Lil Sis “Spoil and Love” Onesie in size 6-12 months, it’s too cute and would be perfect for my baby girl. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  48. furygirl3132 says

    I am following you on Twitter (furygirl3132) and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/furygirl3132/status/1360254147


  49. furygirl3132 says

    I am also following your blog.


  50. furygirl3132 says

    I also signed up for the Playdate Picks Forum (furygirl3132).


  51. The “Big Bro Honor and Defend” t-shirt is my favorite.
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  52. Carolsue says

    I would pick the Girls Rock Tee in a size 8

  53. Carolsue says

    I follow

  54. Carolsue says

    Your Special Spring Fling button is on my blog

  55. Carolsue says

    Your regular button is on my blog

  56. Marianna says

    I entered the Nurture My Body Giveaway

  57. Marianna says

    I entered the Rosa’s fudge giveaway

  58. Marianna says

    I entered the TspSpices giveaway

  59. wigget says

    i’d choose the What Happens In Preschool Stays In Preschool tee, size 6t

  60. yyeres says

    I like the Really…I’m with the band one. yyeres(at)gmail(dot)com

  61. Sara and Alex says

    I like the princess tattoo T !!

  62. Sara and Alex says

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted it http://twitter.com/SaraMama

  63. ~~~KnM's Mom~~~ says

    I love the Lil Sis "Spoil & Love" T shirt. Cute!

  64. Celeste says

    I’d pick the Daddy Rocks onesie

    contact me at:

  65. Celeste says

    Blog follower!

    contact me at:

  66. gillian says

    Go Green Rocker!!!
    gratefulsoul at hotmail.com

  67. Lindsey says

    LOVE the Sorry Boys I Only Date Rock Stars tee. That would look so cute on my daughter. lol

    ladyufshalott at yahoo.com

  68. Lindsey says

    I entered your RuffleButts giveaway!

    ladyufshalott at yahoo.com

  69. Heather says

    Oh my gosh, your son is adorable. How funny! I love the Lil Sis "Spoil & Love" shirt!

  70. cemn0615 says

    I love “boob man” and “Sorry boys, I only date rockstars”

  71. cemn0615 says

    I entered rufflebutts!

  72. Estela says

    I really like the What Happens In Preschool Stays In Preschool tee. My daughter would rock it!

  73. Estela says

    I entered the See Kai Run giveaway.

  74. Estela says

    Your button is on my sidebar!

  75. i think all there stuff thay got over there that a girl can where is realy cute and neet and well daddy rocks is my pick add me on in thanks i think i got the button on my blog too oh so i dont for get jenny9675309@yahoo.com i follow as well as subcribe

  76. love this: Nurture My Body

  77. andrea v says

    Really…I’m with the band T-Shirt
    is so cool.

  78. I would have to get the Random Acts of Craziness tee.

  79. I have your button.

  80. My Dad Rocks One-Piece

  81. .♥.Charlotte.♥. (Life's a Charm!) says

    i like the Rock Star T-shirt

  82. .♥.Charlotte.♥. (Life's a Charm!) says

    i follow in twitter and tweeted by charm32

  83. .♥.Charlotte.♥. (Life's a Charm!) says

    i follow in blogger

  84. .♥.Charlotte.♥. (Life's a Charm!) says

    posted Spring Party button in http://www.lifesacharm.net/blog/#bloglinks

  85. .♥.Charlotte.♥. (Life's a Charm!) says

    posted LookWhatMomFound button in http://www.lifesacharm.net/blog/#blogs

  86. I LOVE rollin with my peeps :0)

  87. lindsey.hefner at gmail.com says

    It is so hard to choose. It would either be “Lock up your daughters” for my eldest or “Boob Man” for my baby.

  88. lindsey.hefner at gmail.com says

    Tweet tweet! My user ID is Zeffryn.


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