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Shae And Her Bed Time

So an update to my post the other day about Shae not sleeping in her own bed. Since then we have been putting Shae in her own bed at naptime and bedtime and instead of laying with her like we use to we are not just sitting with her while she lays.

I put her down for a nap on Saturday afternoon while Melinda was out and when I put Shae down I sat at the end of the bed until she feel asleep. Shae didn’t cry or ask me to lay down with her and she feel asleep in less then 10 minutes. Melinda put her to bed Saturday night and also sat with her on the end of the bed and again Shae did not cry or ask Melinda to lay and was asleep in less then 15 minutes.

Now on Sunday at nap time Melinda took it one step further and actaully tried to lay her down and leave the room. Negative!!! No can do!! That didn’t work at all and Shae freaked out so Melinda sat on the floor this time instead of at the end of the bed. Success, Shae feel asleep in probably less then 15 minutes. Now I went to bed early last night for work so I am not sure how bed time went but I am assuming Melinda probably sat on the floor until she was asleep.

Shae is still in my bed in the morning so she is coming in sometime in the middle of the night but at least she is starting in her bed and that is all I can ask. We started sitting on the end of the bed and now the floor so we are getting closer to the door, LOL. We still have alot of work to do but I feel like we are making progress and hopefully soon we can just lay her down say goodnight and leave the room. I will keep everyone updated.