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I May Be That Dad!

I don’t want to be that dad but I feel like I am in a way. You know that dad who freaks over everything his teenage daughter wears. I am even a little freaked about who she hangs with.

She is a super smart girl but I worry about boys. Boys are sneaky and have bad thoughts on their minds. I know not all boys but that it what I think when it comes to my smart, beautiful teenage daughter. From what I hear from her and Melinda she seems to run with a decent crowd but the dad in me can’t help but worry. I am just afraid she will get mixed up with the wrong person or situation by accident.

She came up last night asking could she wear a certain dress to school and I immediately said NO without even thinking. In my head I knew I shouldn’t have responded so fast but my first thought was what boys would think when they saw her. Just writing this post is giving me anxiety. I know she isn’t a baby anymore but she is my baby and I want to do everything I can to protect her.

Melinda tells me all of the time that I am over reacting and I know she is right but again I am just trying to protect Sabreena. I hope she knows that I am just trying to protect her because I don’t want her to pull away from me because she thinks I am a crazy dad.

Am I being crazy?

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