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We Are Thinking About A Blog Makeover

Between Melinda and I Melinda is the one who is the expert in using image editing software and photo editor. I always turn to her when I have a question about cropping photos for the blog or when I need to know what size YouTube video will fit on the blog.

In regards to graphic design neither Melinda nor I have any skills what so ever which stinks because I think Melinda wants to make some changed to our blog. Yes, we can pay someone to redo our blog which is fine but I really wish we were able to do it our self. I would love to know how to create a custom header and have the design know how to make our blog look really awesome. Not that is doesn’t look awesome now but for some reason when you do something yourself it just looks that much better. That is what I get for being a finance major instead of graphic designer, LOL.

So not sure if we will actually make any changes but there are talks of changing the look of our blog. Not sure I want to redo our header image but I would definitely like to redo the header and make it a little smaller and sleeker looking.

Guess we will wait to see if Melinda or I get a bug up our butt to make any changes.

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