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5 Things You Would Learn About Me Just By Walking Through My House

As a Blogger I can easily get caught up in obligations, reviews, campaigns and sponsored posts. This entry is a fun post encouraged by Trish over at MomDot; she’s doing an old school Blog Carnival.

I’m sharing some things about me that your might not know by reading the blog but you’ll learn by walking though our house.

I love make-up. I don’t wear it often but I collect it like it’s priceless jewels. I hold onto certain colors or blends than make me feel special or pretty and then sulk when I find out something I love has been discontinued.

makeup table

I have a love for family photos. All over my walls and shelves you’ll find more photography than traditional art. You can see the kids grow just by looking around the house because I also don’t like to switch out pictures very often.

photography instead of art
I’m pretty eco-conscious . We recycle, compost, grow a big garden, use reusable bags and try to buy local.

countertop composter
I don’t make my bed. I used to be good about it and I enforce the “Make Your Bed” rule with the kids but I just don’t. I get up get dressed and often never head back into my room to remind me it’s something I need to do.

unmade bed, messy bed

I used to have long hair. I look at my old pictures and I hate the way it looked. I think my current haircut is a tad too short but no way will I ever go long again. This picture isn’t visible anymore but there is 1 more long hair pic in the house.

long hair

Share something about you that I probably don’t know. Link up to the 5 thing you would learn blog carnival with me and many other bloggers.

This is NOT a sponsored post, just something fun to let you into my life a little more.


  1. I love this! I might just have to participate! I have noticed the pic thing 🙂 I have always seen lots and lots of photographs in the background of your photos. I hate making my bed too lol

  2. I LOVE your countertop composter! (I use a HUGE plastic cup, and each day, J takes and dumps it in our outside compost pile.)

  3. Shhhh… I never make my bed either! LOL I love that you do the compost. We live in an apartment, so I haven’t gone there yet, but we are also very aware of what we buy and their impact on the world.

  4. I knew all these things about you..excpet maybe the not making your bed since I’m never at your house early in the morning and whenever I’m over it’s made ..LOL

  5. love this post 🙂
    i knew by your make-up bag at BH that you are a cosmetics hoarder 😛 I am too. I have stuff that is waaaay too old and probably should not be used at all.

    i like your long hair, it looks so pretty. but your short hair, I love it. it totally suits you.
    I’m also not a bed-maker. but you’ve seen my house. I’m not an anything-maker. LOL

    Loved getting this peek into your life!

  6. I’m always happy to find a fellow non-bed maker!

  7. I love that countertop composter!! And the make up – I am with you. I love makeup, any opportunity I have I get some more. Obsessed…slightly 🙂

  8. Love all the pictures. I don’t update my photos either, which is getting a little crazy since I have my family of origin, my daughter, and now my grandkids, I’m running out of space. 😉

    The composting bin is cool. We always composted at home, since we had a garden. Now, without a garden, there’s nowhere to go with it. So, we don’t compost. It just goes in the landfill, which is a sort of composting, I guess.

    I worked at a large department store for a while and took advantage of every make-up gift with a purchase deal. I still have many of those items in my bathroom, although I use very few of them. It’s time to go through and throw some out… but I get my hands on those pretty little things and can’t bring myself to it. So, I understand.

    This has been fun! Thanks for the virtual invitation!

  9. I like you counter top composter – I didnt even know they made those!

  10. I like your composter and that would be great in my kitchen too. I’ll have to check them out. Enjoyed visiting and learning about you.

  11. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I own two dogs, that I adore and Love so much !:)

  12. Betty Baez says

    haha i dont make my bed either and i love pictures! i havent changed mine out either im sure i probably wont for a long time because it just reminds me of how cute my little ones were

  13. I’m bad about making my bed too. It’s upstairs and me and my husband are the only ones who see it so I rarely bother with it.

  14. I’m with you on the art. All my art is wall portraits. But I guess that’s because it was my career for a dozen years.

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