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Circus Clown Flip Book #kids #activity

Coming up with new activities and crafts for the kids and I to enjoy is one of my favorite things to so. I’m working on a Summer Camp at Home series over on’s blog and assigned myself Under the Big Top theme.  I knew I’d have a lot of fun coming up with things with this theme. You see we love the circus. We love the ring master, the acrobats, the elephant parade and especially the clowns.  The clowns are our favorite by far. We’ve had the opportunity over the years to interact with them up close and personal and we are always amazed at their intricate costumes and make-up.

Circus Clown Flip Book #kids #activity

Coming up with this Circus Clown Flip Book was a group effort.  I found this body template online that would work for just about any character or theme. Sabreena drew most of the clowns and I put the book together for Shae.

Materials Needed:

  • small spiral book, I used a 1/2 size address book from the dollar store
  • body template print outs
  • markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • glue
  • scissors & paper cutter
  • decorations for front cover (optional)Circus Clown Flip Book #kids #activity

Assembly Instructions:

Start by printing out however many body templates you want. Making sure they line up to each other trim down so they fit onto your notebook. Using a glue stick and working quickly adhere each drawing onto a notebook sheet.  Be sure to cover the entire page with glue, not just the borders.

After each page is done, close the notebook and place something heavy on top to make sure pages are stuck and flat. This only takes an hour or so.

When your glued pages have dried take a pair of sharp scissors and cut down each dotted line, cutting your bodies into thirds.

As your child leafs through the characters they can mix and match their clothes, hats, faces and even shoes.  I added a string/stick to each clown so that each one has something different in their hand like a butterfly, umbrella, balloon or pinwheel.  I decorated the cover because it said Address and Telephone Book. I will get around to doing a better job but for now it works.

Circus Clown Flip Book #kids #activity


Our flip book has 15 total clowns for now but I’m going to work on adding more costumed clowns such as a police officer, puppy, sun bather and more.  This book is going to evolve over then next couple of weeks.

Circus Clown Flip Book #kids #activity

What other characters can you think of putting together?

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