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Raising a Boy to be a Man

We are only raising one son, that is more than enough for me. He’s been a handful since day one and always pushing limits and stepping on boundaries. On one hand I appreciate this attitude towards life. I want him to question ideas and have his own opinions about the world around him. Then again I want him to know how to follow rules and have respect and realize making waves isn’t always the best way to accomplish something. I want him to grow up a successful, happy and confident man, father, husband and friend. Being a Man means different things for different people. For me it stretches across all aspects of life.

Teaching a Boy to Be a Man

A man takes care of his family. This doesn’t mean he has to be the breadwinner but he does have to contribute to the lifestyle and household. A man can do this sitting behind a desk, behind a toolbox or behind the diaperbag. The way a man takes care of his family is more about the completed task rather than how the task got done.

A man nurtures his children. Building a solid relationship with a child takes practice and effort. A man should be a listener even when he doesn’t like what he hears. A man should make his children feel secure and valued even through the tough times. A man should show his love of his love even when other emotions rise to the top.

A man is a teacher. Whether its teaching your child how to ride a bike, use the lawn mower or work the dishwasher a man should teach their children how to live their life successfully independently. Help should always be available but teaching your child to take steps on their own puts them on the road to a leading a life worth living.

A man is a role model. Celebrities and athletes have a place in our lives but our children need to look up to those that matter the most. A man recognizes his faults and actively works at improving them. This shows children that character and confidence has to be built up and earned and not handed over by popularity and material things.

Being a strong, independent man requires an equally strong and independent support. As parents we lead our children at first, walk beside them, hold them up then stand back and watch them venture out on their own.