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This Family is #CruisingCarnival

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In just a few shorts days we’re heading out for our summer family vacation thanks to Carnival Cruiselines. We aren’t strangers to the cruise but nowhere near the cruise enthusiasts I want to be. Our last cruise was 4 years ago and the kids still talk about it and have been begging to go again since then. Timing couldn’t have been better either; Sabreena graduated high school a few weeks ago. Rob and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary while at sea and Shae turns 7 a couple weeks after we get back. It’s celebration time all around.

The Carnival Fantasy leaves out of Charleston, South Carolina and headed to the Caribbean. We’ll be taking the 9 hour drive to South Carolina overnight, seeing some of the pretty and historical sights of Charleston then boarding the 855 foot boat for non-stop fun over the next 8 days.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #FamilyTravel

Our Ports of Call while #CruisingCarnival

Grand Turk-Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos, may be small, but it’s packed with scenic punch and historic charm. Carnival® cruises to Grand Turk deliver you to an enchanted island outpost dotted with old windmills, grassy trails, and picture-perfect beaches. Discover an oasis of green set in aquamarine seas ringed by a pristine coral reef and the steep wall of the continental shelf with cruises to Grand Turk. Swim in the sparkling turquoise seas off Governor’s Beach. Snorkel or dive the coral reefs fringing Grand Turk.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #Fantasy Grand Turk #FamilyTravel

Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas-Fulfill your tropical island fantasy on Carnival cruises to Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas. Sway in the sweet Bahamian breezes to the rhythms of calypso and find romance on this private island paradise. Cruises to Half Moon Cay deliver you to an idyllic sun-drenched island hideaway where you can play in the turquoise seas, ride horseback on powdery white sand, and encounter silky stingrays. Sail, swim or snorkel the shallow blue-green Atlantic. Ride horseback along the sea’s edge on Half Moon Cay cruises.half moon cay

Nassau, the Bahamas-Blessed by balmy breezes and jumping to a bouncy calypso beat, Carnival cruises to Nassau, Bahamas promise sizzling fun in the sun. The historic and cultural heart of The Bahamas is one of the world’s most popular cruise ship ports—one million travelers board cruises to Nassau annually.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #Fantasy Nassau #FamilyTravel

The Fantasy is filled with so much to do during the 8 days at sea. The kids will enjoy Club Carnival, Hasbro the game show, video games in the arcade, putt putt golf and of course Waterworks water park. Rob and I have the casino, nightclubs, Punchliner Comedy club, the piano bar, Serenity Adult Retreat and spa services to rival the best in the country.

As a family we’ll have lots of time to relax by the pool, enjoy casual dining with 24 hour soft-serve ice cream and pizza and do a little shopping while sailing.

Follow along all week while we share our experiences, photos from the Caribbean and memories we make while #cruisingcarnival.

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  1. I love Cruising Carnival! My fiancé and I have been on 3 cruises together (Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination). Plus we’re getting married on the Carnival Miracle in February! Have fun on your cruise and don’t miss the sit-down dinners! 🙂

  2. I am so incredibly jealous. I dream of going on a cruise and hope to some day. I love to know that kids can go and have fun too! Have a great time!

  3. I cant wait to follow along! You guys are gonna have a blast!!

  4. fancygrlnancy (Nancy Partin) says:

    That looks like so much fun. I have only been on one cruise and it was for my honeymoon. It was to Catalina Island and Mexico. It was fun and I’d love to go again.

  5. You are going to have so much fun.I have always wanted to go on a cruise.

  6. I haven’t been on a cruise in years. I would love to go on another one someday soon!

  7. I have not been to Grand Turk yet. Can’t wait to hear more.

  8. How fun. You’re going to have a great time. I love cruising. Can’t wait to see all of your photos.

  9. Have a fantastic time….my hubby and I were just talking about taking a cruise to the Caribbean. We have never taken a Carnival Cruise – I am excited to hear about your adventure

  10. I’ve been on a cruise before with my family. One day, I would love to go on another one! Great photos!

  11. Have fun; oh i bet everything will be amazing! I’ve never been on a cruise but Love looking at all the photos!

  12. The cruises sound amazing. I love that they’re all-inclusive.

  13. We cruised Carnival out of Baltimore last year. It was such a fuss-free vacation. Everything was simple from arriving at the terminal to disembarking. We would totally take another.

  14. This cruise sounds amazing. I have always wanted to do a Caribbean cruise. It’s on my bucket list.

  15. OH wow! What an awesome experience. I would love to go on a cruise with the family.

  16. I am not even going to pretend that I am not a little bit jealous right now. I have never been on a cruise- it looks like so much fun!

  17. Horseback riding on the beach is on my bucket list. Would love to do it while on a Carnival Cruise!

  18. Have fun! We’ve looked into leaving out of Charleston because it’s not a far drive for us.

  19. I have never been on a cruise, but I have always wanted to go on one. I would definitely use Carnival if I did!

  20. Chrystal @ YUM eating says:

    That looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to go on a cruise. One south for an island tour, one Disney and the other in Alaska.

  21. I love carnival cruises. They are the absolute best!

  22. Oh that looks wonderful. So happy for you and your family to have a wonderful trip!!

  23. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings says:

    I love carnival– I have been on two amazing carnival cruises!

  24. A cruise is on my bucket list! I never thought I wanted to go until two years ago and know I’m eager to plan one.

  25. Taking a wonderful cruise always sounds so tempting. But then I remember how terrified I am of the ocean. My kind of cruise would be the one where I can enjoy all the fun on board, but stay docked.

  26. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise. It looks so beautiful there. I hope you have a great time and make some wonderful memories.

  27. I would love to go on a cruise one day soon! That looks like a great cruise ship

  28. We always cruise Carnival! We took a 7 day cruise for our honeymoon a few years ago and it was the best. Nassau is great. We loved Paradise Island!

  29. Looks like you have a great cruise planned! I have never been on a huge ship like this but it looks really fun!

  30. Yay, how exciting! We’ve been on Carnival before and loved it!

  31. I’ve been on one cruise, for my graduation present and I LOVED it! I would love to try Carnival cruises!

  32. I hope that you and your family have a great time! I have never been on a cruise, but would love to go on one sometime!

  33. That’s going to be an amazing experience for all of you! I wonder if the windmills have any Dutch roots. That horseback riding along the beach sounds so nice!

  34. You are going to LOVE it! Cruising is so much fun! Take lots of pictures and enjoy!

  35. So excited for you! You’re going to have an awesome time! We love Carnival.

  36. Melinda, this just sounds so heavenly! I love that there’s a port in Charleston. I may have to investigate what all leaves from there.

  37. This sounds like it is going to be so much fun! I have yet to do a cruise but its up there on the list. Now a long sail on a tall ship, I’ve done and I absolutely love that.

  38. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas when I was younger and I loved it. I had a lot of fun, as did my entire family. It was a great experience.

  39. Betty Baez says:

    We havent been on a cruise before but would love to once our children get older. Cant wait to see all your photos and posts to come. What a great way to spend an anniversary, hope you have a great time!

  40. Have so much fun! I cant wait to see all about your adventure and I’ll be following along.

  41. I’m so envious! I’ve never been on a cruise. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  42. Wow, that looks like an AWESOME time! Thanks for sharing.

  43. That photo of horse riding on the beach, brings back memories!

    I want to go on a cruise. That’s one thing we haven’t tried yet.

  44. The last time I took a cruise I was in my early teens! I would love to go again as a family in a few years. Have fun!

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