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5 Outdoor Activities Kids Love

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What was your favorite activity as a kid? If your answer includes something that you can do outdoors … then you’re not the only one! Both children and adults alike love being outdoors, getting fresh air, and soaking up the sunlight. For this reason, we’ve listed five activities below so your kids will be sure to have a blast outside.

1.) PLAYING CATCH – That’s right, it doesn’t matter what sport is involved. There is something universal about having a catch. One of the most fun ways kids can enjoy throwing a ball around is to pick up the legendary Velcro pads and ball set called Pitch-N-Catch Velcro Game (though it might also go by other product names). What’s great about them is they float in water, so you can have fun with family and friends in the pool or at the beach. It’s also a safer alternative to baseballs and softballs.

2.) RIDING BIKES – One of the most popular activities for kids, of course, is to go bike riding with friends around the neighborhood. Many of us might be reminded of the first training wheel experience, and the excitement behind riding without them. Well, that’s when you’re usually late for dinner! As for the right bicycle, sometimes it’s better to go with city bikes instead of mountain bikes, since they have more suitable tires for a paved environment. Brooklyn Bicycle Company has some excellent models to choose from if you live in a more urban area and can ship to a local dealer near you.

5.) SWIMMING – It’s often funny how most children are drawn like magnets to water. It doesn’t matter if it’s the pool, lake, or the beach, the earlier you have kids enjoying the water and taking swim lessons the better. A great resource is EnjoySwimming, which shows the traditional swim methods like the butterfly, backstroke and breast stroke. Even though your kids might be too busy with sand castles, at least you’ll be able to introduce swim safety lessons over time.

4.) ROLLERBLADING – This fun sport is also called ‘inline skating’ and was a popular version of roller-skating back in the 1970s. Instead of 4 wheels set in a rectangular pattern, the 4 wheels are in line with each other from front to back of skate. In addition to be great activity for kids, LiveStrong reports that it can also build up muscle endurance, stamina, and burn calories faster than running or jogging can.

5.) HIDE AND GO SEEK – Yes, that famous evening and night-time activity kids will always love! Finding that best tree or rock to hide behind, the game involves 1 seeker who counts down from a number, and when the countdown reaches zero, time’s up! The seeker has to go find the hiders. The evidence of how fun this game is can clearly be found at BoredPanda, where they go through a series of funny bloopers where kids think they’re hiding … in plain view.

So there it is folks, just a few ways kids can have great outdoor fun without costing an arm, a leg, an iPad, or an iPhone.

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