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Family Vacations Spots in Europe


Europe is a very exciting place for all ages alike. From playing football in Spain to touring Coliseum in Italy, all countries in Europe tend to provide you with a different experience all together. If you are planning a foreign vacation to Europe, you have to read this article. We are going to help you visit the most family-friendly spots in the continent, leaving you with nothing but plain, sweet vacation memories:


Things to do in London? Well, you can visit the Tower o London, admirer art and theater at the National Gallery, as well as the West End Theatre District. You cannot skip the great Buckingham Palace, at all. London is a great place to teach your kids a little about history. Other popular attractions include Westminster Abbey, the popular medieval church and Piccadilly Circus (trust me on this, if nothing else this will get your kids totally exited).


Things to do in Amsterdam? Well, there is a lot to Amsterdam than people usually believe. Go shopping, go canal-side rambling, or have a decent Indonesian meal with your family, Amsterdam is a very peaceful city of Netherlands. There is always the popular Van Gogh Museum.


There is no place like Barcelona! It has both, a historic significance and bizarre wilderness. There are the narrow alleys of Barri Gotic and the picturesque Park Guell. The beaches are beautiful, and so are the ancient churches. There are a number of things to do in Barcelona, and you may need a whole more number of days than merely a day or two to get the complete overwhelming experience of the city.


This beautiful city of Italy will take you by your breath. The Renaissance period shadowed the city with great artists like Brunelleschi and Michelangelo, amongst so many others. Italian fashion and food is going to woo you and you wouldn’t want to leave this place in seven hells. The architectural beauty is going to make you want to travel in time to the 14th century and witness the art. Don’t miss out on the sunsets and the romantic nights.


No one comes to Europe and not go to Paris. Paris is a perfect combination of everything is sweet and pour on earth – the architecture, the fashion, the art and the cuisine, everything is going to make you fall in love with this city. Popular attractions are the Eiffel Tower, French Alps and Dordogne.