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Fun Baseball Games to Play With Kids

While baseball is America’s pastime, you don’t always have to play the regular game to have a good time. Sometimes, you may not have a full team available to play, so you have to play a variation of the game. Here are a few fun baseball games that you can play with your kids.

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700 is a fun game that encourages kids to be aggressive in fielding. This game requires at least two kids and would be best to have five or more. With this game, the coach or parent bats and hits balls toward the players. The player who catches the ball gets 100 points. If a grounder is fielded, the player gets 50 points. If the player makes an error in fielding, they lose 100 points. Players keep track of their score and the first person to 700 wins. You could use any number you want, depending on how much time you have to play.

One Strike

Another fun variation of baseball that you can play with kids is called “One Strike.” As the name implies, batters only get one strike to put the ball in play. If they get a strike, they’re out. This teaches them to be aggressive at the plate and try to swing their aluminum baseball bats at every good pitch that comes along. Each player gets an at-bat and they have a single strike. If they swing and miss, take a called strike or foul one out of play, they are out. Then the next player comes up to bat.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a fun game that can help develop clutch pitching in your players. Everyone forms a line behind the pitching mound. The first person up gets a single pitch and tries to throw a strike. If he throws a strike, his turn is over and he goes to the back of the line. If he throws a ball, he’s then on the hot seat. If the next player then pitches a strike, the person on the hot seat is out of the game. If the following player throws a ball, he takes over the hot seat and the previous person in the hot seat gets back in line.

All of these games can be really fun for you to play with your kids or team. Try them out and see how much your kids enjoy them.

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