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Christmas Ornament Show and Tell

Each weekend after Thanksgiving I sit on the floor and slowly and methodically unwrap each Christmas tree ornament. I had each one the kids so they can decorate but not before I inspect each ornament and often make a comment about where it came from or who gave it to us.

Many of our ornaments have a story, some stories aren’t that exciting they are our stories and memories. I’m sharing along with some other great bloggers my favorite ornaments. Check out the entire link up with Jo-Lynne, Musings of Housewife.


christmas ornament show and tell


In honor of my amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride earlier this year I picked up this beauty from Pottery Barn on Black Friday. It’s beautifully and rustically painted to resemble vintage mercury glass. It makes me smile.
hot air balloon ornament

This one is was a gift from my best friend many years ago. The scene of ice skaters isn’t necesarily important but the gift felt like a milestone. It was a moment in our lives that was grown up and family oriented. Gone were the days of frivolous clothing gifts or promises of nights out on the town.  This was an important step in sharing our adult lives.
skater ornament

While this one may look homemade, it isn’t. In fact this one that the kids picked out many many years ago at Linvilla Orchards right after the fire. These guys usually hang from a rotating plug at the bottom of the tree but we figured the dogs wouldn’t cooperate with such a tease.
gumdrop ornament
I didn’t share the kids ornaments because Sabreena and Shaun have their own trees decorated with their own ornaments.  Shae has another year before she can get a tree and she then takes all of her ornaments for her own room. When the kids are moved out and ready for them they will receive their ornaments to start their own grown up lives with a memory filled holiday.

Do you have a favorite ornament?

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