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How To Make Beautiful Decor For Your Minimalist Home

Minimalist spaces tend to be sparsely decorated with key pieces of furniture and only a handful of artistic adornments. If you want those extra design elements to be homemade, here is exactly how you can knit home décor that will fit with your specific brand of interior design.

If you aren’t entirely sure whether you have a minimalist interior design or not, there are a number of tell-tale signs that show that you prefer a more pared-down sense of style with the rooms of your home. You choose furniture that is sleek and modern, focusing on crisp lines, rectangular shapes and glistening materials like glass or steel. You have open-concept spaces or you at least keep your rooms free of unnecessary clutter so that they feel large. Accessories like pottery, plants, pictures and art pieces are limited so that they add an accent of color or texture — when it comes to decoration, you follow the saying of less being more. If these descriptions are painting a picture of your home, then you happen to have a minimalist sense of style.

Knit or crochet yourself some magnificent home décor like pillows, blankets, afghans, chair pads, tapestries and plant cozies with the help of the Yarnspirations website and their Lookbooks. Their Warm Minimalism Lookbook has twelve sophisticated pieces that you can recreate to match your interior design. The patterns for these gorgeous projects are divided by skill level, so you won’t be overwhelmed or intimidated as a beginner. The Lookbook also recommends what types of yarn to use for the projects, including the brand and fiber. The color and style of the material are left up to you, but you will want to be careful about your selection — a poor choice could clash with the rest of your minimalist set-up and stand out in the room for all of the wrong reasons.


To guarantee that you craft home décor that matches perfectly with your interior design plan, you should avoid going overboard with colors. Stick to monochromatic patterns in pastel hues and neutral colors like white, black, beige or grey, because you want your pieces to be beautiful without being loud. Design experts also recommend that you use items in similar tones for your minimalist interior design to avoid a conflict of mismatched colors — instead they recommend that you create interest with different types of texture and materials. You can pair a cable-knit throw made with thick wool yarn, a neat herringbone knit pattern pillow made with alpaca blends, and a bulky arm-knit blanket in a single room. As long as the pieces have similar tones, they will harmonize and perfectly match everything else near them.

Wall arts is another valuable addition to minimalistic interior décor. There are several options you can consider, depending on your minimalism theme. Options like butterfly wall arts will add a unique dimension to your design, enhance texture, and add completeness.

Minimalist interior design trims down inessential elements so that your home always looks clean and organized. All you need is a few stunning pieces like pillows, blankets, throws and cushions to bring the entire space together. If you follow these simple suggestions for yarn patterns, colors and textures, you will create impressive home décor that will make your minimalist house look interesting and immaculate.