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Facts That You Need to Know About Ticks in your Home


Just the thought of ticks can creep the hell out of anyone. They are nothing like your regular bugs. They are gross looking, they are stubborn, and they can suck the life out of you. Ticks are a huge menace in the United States, and every year millions of people are rushed to the ER due to tick-related diseases. That is why it is important that you pay immediate attention to the problem if you spot even a single tick around your house no matter how much you feel the urge to ignore those creeps.

To be able to ticks properly, it is important that you can recognize them in the first place and know a few basics about them such as their behavioral patterns, what do they feed on and what their possible hideouts are. Here are a few facts about ticks that will help you understand them in a better way.

They are not Insects

Although they look like any four-legged bugs, ticks are not your regular insects and should not be taken and treated as same. Scientifically, they are classified as a family member of the arachnids, which means they are the same family as scorpions and spiders. This is yet another reason to be scared of them.  When they find a hideout, they continue to camp there instead of moving around in search of blood and wait for a living being to come to them.

They Spread Diseases and Can be Deadly

Unlike common bugs, ticks can be extremely threatening and can make you sick. The level of sickness may vary from minor fever and nausea to something very deadly. However, if you find a tick on your body, it does not mean you are going to be ill or die. Not all species of ticks spread diseases, and some can be completely harmless. However, you should still see a physician in the event of spotting a tick on your body to make sure that there is nothing to be worried of,

You Might Not Notice the Effect Immediately

Even if a tick is capable of making you sick, you most likely will not see the effect immediately. You might not even notice a tick living off your body for a few days unlike what happens with mosquito bites. This means you might get a fever or vomit after weeks of a tick bite, but you might not be aware of its existence. Therefore do not be negligent and see your physician immediately.

Do Not DIY Tick Control

Tick control is a process that requires professional attention and training. A non-specialist cannot understand how they work and off the rack products cannot deal with them or offer a permanent solution to the problem. Do not try to launch any tick control operation on your own and make sure you hire a professional tick exterminator to take care of in-depth fumigation,