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Anxiety Disorder Decoded – 31 Secrets of Sufferers of Anxiety

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Anxiety is more common than what it appears to be. There are people around us, seemingly normal people but deep within they suffer from anxiety disorder and it is no joke. There are millions around us affected by anxiety disorder and though we cannot do much to comfort them, we can surely make their life easier by trying to understand what they go through on a daily basis. Here are some points that will help you understand these people better.

1. The people who suffer from anxiety disorder know that worrying is as useful as trying to solve an algebra equation while chewing bubble gum! They are aware that worrying is worthless and will only do them harm but there is not much they can do to control their wandering mind that hovers endlessly on a particular issue that does not deserve as much attention. When people ask them to stop worrying, in their heads these people think “If only it were that easy!”
2. Physically they might appear to be quite at ease but within their head, there is a lot that goes on. Ever tried listening to music, sleeping and preparing for a test, all at the same time? Well, that is what goes on inside the minds of these people. Sometimes the quantum of random things that goes through their head is difficult for them to process, making them feel completely lost.
3. The saddest part is, most of the times the people who suffer from anxiety disorder themselves cannot comprehend what is wrong in their life or with them, for that matter.
4. Sleeping is not a relaxing activity for them. Forget about their minds being at ease, the bedtime is a moment of self scrutiny for them. They analyse every minute detail of the world around them and go on to think about their repercussions even though it will remotely affect them.
5. They do not want to feel this way but regardless of what they want, they feel what they feel. They have little control over their emotions.
6. To you they might appear to be ridiculous or dramatic but for them it is a mind-boggling moment when everything just sort of starts running through their heads.
7. Unlike what you might think, people with anxiety disorders are not introvert who keep thinking in their heads and not saying a word. More often than not, such people have a very outgoing personality and people like us rarely get a hint of their mental status.
8. People suffering from anxiety disorders prefer staying in their cozy corner if they have spent the previous day in a crowded room or among lots of people. The need some “me-time” to sort of reorganize and retune their mind.
9. There is no on and off switch in their head and they cannot stop worrying as easily as you can.
10. They feel like they are being pursued by someone they want to get rid off. Would you like to feel the same? All the time?
11. Their anxiety is a mental burden that breaks them down more often than you can ever imagine.
12. Even if they sound delusional or irrational to you, whatever they go through is a very real scenario for them. Something that you and I can never really comprehend.
13. Worst part? Consoling them does not Really help.
14. What they go through is no overreaction. It is a real life situation for them. Imagine yourself standing at the payment counter only to find your purse missing. Yes, like that. A very real thing.
15. They do not willingly choose to go crazy over the simplest of things. Anxiety chooses them, much like cancer.
16. Anxiety breaks havoc on their systems making them unproductive but that does not mean that they are lazy. Imagine yourself being under a stressful situation for an overwhelming long period of time.
17. Just like cancer, typhoid or common cold, anxiety is an illness that people have to learn to accept.
18. Worrying and being anxious is not the same thing. You and I, we all worry about a lot of things but how many of us actually go crazy about a lost pen cap? Give it a thought.
19. Some people find it difficult to express their mental state to others, that however does not mean that they are feeling less anxious. In fact it is the worst case scenario where you have this heavy burden in your heart and no one to talk to.
20. Praying does not help, sorry about bursting your bubble.
21. People who suffer from anxiety disorders are not mad, crazy or lunatic. Such people are stronger than what you and I can ever be.
22. All your soothing and calming them down will not stop them from getting worried about things or stop their heart from skipping a beat.
23. Things that appear humble and simple to us can be overwhelming for them. Like, writing in a straight line, perhaps.
24. Anxiety disorder is not something that the patients can control.
25. Your failure to understand what they go through does not make their situation any less real.
26. Continuous thinking and worrying about the tiniest of things makes them feel suffocated and overburdened.
27. They DO NOT do it to grab eyeballs.
28. They overthink about everything they do during the course of the day. Even about a stutter in their usual good morning to you.
29. Because of the way normal people interact with them, people suffering from anxiety disorders hate social gatherings and prefer staying alone. It is not their choice, it is rather, our imposition on them.
30. They obsess about every tiny detail of their life.
31. It’s completely normal to be a suffering from severe anxiety, and also be an extrovert.

Anxiety doesn’t just affect introverts, it can affect people of any age, gender and character.

Instead of being judged, they need compassion and a little understanding towards them. It is very easy to pass comments but what is a light hearted joke for you and what may pass with a “no offence” tag is perhaps more than enough to keep them up at night so it is very important that we do not take our mental well being for granted. Instead, we should try and understand what it feels like to be in their shoes and to battle with the harsh world that is ever ready to jump the gun and pass off an insensitive remark.

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