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7 Design Rules to Keep in Mind If You Want to Make Sure Your Bathroom Remains Easy to Clean

Bathroom design

As any homeowner will tell you, good bathroom hygiene is a must. At the same time, keeping your bathroom clean is also one of the most tedious endeavors you’ll come across. Hard to reach corners, the mold that starts accumulating in a moist area you’ve all but forgotten, soap stains on the mirror… you get the idea. Now here’s the positive news: by designing your bathroom right, it’s possible to keep it cleaner much longer and not strain yourself nearly as hard. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. Moisture is your number one enemy

According to the experts, moisture is a silent killer. When it gets nested in your home, getting rid of it is quite a challenge, and having it reach a certain level can lead to the development of mold and numerous health conditions – respiratory problems are some of the most common.

Now when you’re equipped with the knowledge you’ve gained, how does it translate to your bathroom design? For starters, your shower head could use a squeegee. If you’ve installed a bath, it’s common to see the area around it getting splashed with water even if you’re careful to keep it under control. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to either wipe down the floor next to it after you’re done or have a carpet there so it soaks up some of it.

Opening the window and turning on the exhaust fan when you’re taking a shower is another suitable alternative. If you’re alone in the house, consider leaving the door open – you won’t believe how much this can stop moisture from accumulating.

2. Install towel bars

Speaking of keeping things dry, by installing towel bars, they’ll have a suitable space to hang and dry in an efficient manner. Besides, by doing so, you will have more room in your bathroom to utilize for other things. If you have a bath installed, the walls it touches are hardly used for any other purpose, which makes them a perfect spot where towel bars or shelves can be placed.

If you’re a senior, you’ll appreciate the way these will help you get out of shower easier. At the end of the day, having another thing to grab onto when you’re exiting it can truly make the task much easier.

Besides, towel bars are easy to maintain and keep clean. Just take the Luxury Bathroom Towels off and rub them with a cloth – the job shouldn’t take too long to complete.

3. Shower curtains are a good way to keep moisture under control

The best way from having to deal with water splashing all over the bathroom is to contain it in one single place. However, do know that you’re going to have to invest a bit of your energy into maintaining them and keeping them clean. Otherwise, mildew and water minerals might start accumulating.

One way to keep them clean is by laundering them. This is recommended to do every once in a while. If, however, doing this annoys you (admittedly, it’s not one of the most enjoyable things on the planet), there is a simple hack you can implement. After being done with showering, simply rinse them with water, and the buildup should be dealt with efficiently.

4. Make sure there’s enough space under the sink

That way, space underneath will get easier to clean. If you leave it unattended due to not being able to reach it, a whole slew of buildup, mold, and bacteria can nest itself there, so this is one of the most important elements of your overall bathroom design. If you’re not sure how to approach this, you can get ideas from Unique Vanities and other similar websites.

Apart from that, making sure that toothpaste stains (and other forms of uncleanliness) don’t linger there for too long is a good principle to keep in mind. To that end, have a drawer nearby with cleaning wipes you can use to keep it regularly maintained.

5. Optimize the space your cabinets are using up

If you don’t put enough shower wall panels kind of storage cabinets you put in your bathroom, it can easily happen that you’re left with underutilized spaces that are hard to put to good use because of how hard they are to reach. Therefore, having them custom-designed and fitted is a good idea if you can afford it.

But even after that is taken care of, you’re not done yet! To avoid dust and other particles accumulating on the surfaces you’re not using, make sure the space you have available is utilized to the maximum. Even visually speaking, having everything neatly organized will make your bathroom feel much cleaner.

6. Install a large mirror

You may wonder why installing a large mirror is a good idea. After all, a larger surface means more work to maintain and clean, right? Well, yes and no. The thing is, having a large mirror surface to clean is preferable to having a large number of smaller ones. Isn’t it better and easier to wipe off toothpaste stains off of a mirror than the nearby walls?

Besides, installing a large mirror will give off the impression that your bathroom is much larger and more majestic than it really is. If you live in a smaller house, this will effectively do away with the impression of feeling cramped.

7. Corner sinks are better than pedestal sinks

At least as far as your bathroom efficiency is concerned. While there’s nothing wrong with pedestal sinks per se, you’ll quickly find they’re obstructing its flow. If you’re the only one in there, this may be a bit harder to notice, but as soon as you add another person or two, the obstruction will become quite apparent.

Furthermore, corner sinks will prevent excess water from escaping into hard-to-reach corners, making them much easier to clean. You’ll also put the space available to much better use by having one of these installed.


While bathroom design can be a lengthy subject, we’ve managed to touch upon some of its core principles and summarized them for your reading pleasure. Have you learned something new? If so, the only thing that remains is finding the motivation to get to work and put it into practice.