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Making Your Bedroom Your Own

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Recent studies from OnePoll have shown that the average American spends nearly 36 years in their bed and even more time in their bedroom. With most of us spending this much time in our bedrooms, we should be making it the most comfortable and relaxing place in the home. While many people put the least amount of attention into their bedrooms because the company does not often spend time there, we should reconsider it. We should all take the time to make our bedrooms our own oasis. Here are some things that you can do to make your bedroom your perfect place to relax and unwind.

Buy Bedroom Set

Creating a perfect bedroom oasis to relax and unwind starts with making sure you have all the right pieces. Investing in a high quality bedroom set is a great way to ensure that your bedroom is comfortable and inviting. Look for a bedroom set that is both stylish and functional to make your bedroom your ideal place to relax and unwind. Choose from a variety of options, ranging from classic to modern designs, to find the bedroom set that best suits your style and needs. With the right bedroom set, you can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment to relax and recharge.

Get a Comfortable Chair

Many of us go to our bedrooms at night, or at any time of the day, to watch television or to read. Laying in bed is not always the most comfortable place to do these things so we should all invest in a comfortable chair for our bedrooms. Having a comfortable chair in your room can allow you to relax more easily. A chair allows you to watch television or read without falling asleep. A chair in your bedroom can also give you the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in your bedroom and make it a more relaxing environment.

Invest In a New Mattress

Typically, picking out a new mattress was a difficult process because you first had to go to the store, listen to a salesperson, lay on several mattresses, pick out the one you like the best, haul it to your home, and shimmy it into your bedroom. This no longer has to be the case. There are select companies that allow you to purchase a mattress online and have it shipped directly to your home in a box that you can easily unload and set up. If you are looking for the ultimate mattress buying guide, you can check one out at

This buying guide can help guide you through the process of picking out and buying your next mattress. Since most of us spend an enormous time in our beds, we should all invest in the most comfortable mattress possible to help us relax, alleviate pain, and sleep better each night. Depending on your needs and flexibility you have to decide whether you need a plush 10-inch mattress in a box, a firm mattress, or a cooling mattress.

Add Some Art

If you really want to make your bedroom an oasis and a perfect place to relax, you should add some art to your walls. Adding art to your bedroom can help you make the bedroom your own. Finding pieces of artwork that calm you down and represent your personality can help transform any room into a place of your own. You can find art in many places and hang it anywhere in your room. Hanging a beautiful picture in a place that you can see while you drift off into sleep may help you fall asleep more easily and have better dreams at night. These pictures may also help you get your day started off the right way. Before hanging any artwork, make sure that you have the room set up just like you want it to be in order to avoid hanging and rehanging pictures.


Adding light to any room can make it feel larger. Whether you add some lamps or new curtains, any light that you can add to your room can improve your mood, give you more energy, and help you relax more easily.

Adding light to your room can also have other advantages. It can give you more time to read before bed, help you wake up more easily, and give your room the illusion of more space.

Curtains, Blinds, or Shutters

To help your room feel more like you, you can update the curtains, wide blinds, or shutters in your room. Finding the best blinds for a bay window or a set of plantation shutters speaks to your personality, and the recent changes you have made to your room are an easy and cheap investment. New curtains can make the room feel larger and help bring the room together. They are a great way to highlight the windows in the room and draw attention to the outside.

These small changes in your bedroom can help make your bedroom a special place to relax and unwind. Since we all spend a large amount of time in our rooms, they should represent who we are. These updates to your bedroom can make it the perfect oasis.