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Why You Should Hire an Airport Transfer Instead of Taking a Cab

You have just gotten off an airplane. Your clothes are rumpled, you feel dirty, and you’re annoyed. You fumble with your phone to order a ridesharing service and find that cab prices are sky high and a Lyft or Uber will take a long time to get to you. This can be especially stressful if you’re trying to get from one airport to another. Once you’re in the cab or Uber, you may have a long and uncomfortable ride. The car may not be clean, and the driver’s skills may not be good. They may not get you to your destination in time. Fortunately, limousine services will pick you up from the airport right on time, in a luxury car, with a professional driver.

Airport Transfers

According to Majestic Limousines, the Miami area is served by seven different airports. International flights often require a person to go from one airport to another to get wherever they are going. Sometimes, you may only have a couple of hours between flights. A cab or ride-share service driver may not consider your flight schedule. When you book a rideshare service in advance, the call for a driver will simply go out when you have scheduled your ride. A driver may not be available. Many airports require ride-share service drivers to have a special permit to pick up passengers at the airport. Hence some drivers will avoid the airport altogether.

Taxi drivers often wait in line at the airport. They will charge a hefty price to take you downtown or to a hotel. Cab drivers wait a long time in those lines at the airport, and they do so in the hopes of getting a long ride and good fare. They may not be thrilled if you’re only going to another airport. When you hire a car service, then you can contact the airport transfer portsmouth will know exactly when your flight lands, even if it will be late. They will also know when your connecting flight is leaving from what airport, and if the arrival or departure times have been changed.

A More Comfortable Ride

Uber and taxis transport dozens of people a day. The drivers often do not have a chance to clean their vehicles in between rides. Professional limo services have a chance to clean their cars between rides. Anyone with a car and a halfway decent driving record can work for a rideshare service. Taxi drivers in Florida are not required to have a commercial driver’s license unless they drive a vehicle designed to carry over 16 people. Most car services hire professional limo drivers with CDLs. They also provide extensive training.

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Professional limo companies do background checks on their drivers. They will look at their driving record and criminal history, so your ride will be extra safe. If you use a ride-share service, you may have to stuff all your luggage into a compact car and sit in the back with your knees in your mouth for the entire ride. A car service will provide you with a luxury vehicle with a huge trunk. You can sit in the back and enjoy music, bottled water, and snacks on your way to your destination. A ride in a chauffeured car is a great start to any business trip or vacation. You will arrive where you’re going in comfort and style.

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