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How Online Learning Platforms Facilitate Student Engagement

Online learning has become increasingly popular recently, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its adoption. With the rise of online learning, it has become even more important for parents to find engaging and interactive experiences for their children.

This article goes over how a student can start a fruitful journey into learning through online platforms and what features parents must look out for.

Interactive Assessments And Quizzes For Children

Interactive assessments and quizzes are a great way to engage learners and improve their learning outcomes. For many students and parents, the traditional forms often feel limited as they want greater flexibility with blended learning, which is impossible with on-site education.

In a recent study, more than 42 percent of respondents wanted on-site learning, and 45 percent wanted a mix of both online and offline learning. It showcases a significant shift in how students and parents are rethinking the learning process.

There has also been a post-pandemic boom, with the Ed-tech platforms seeing more than 50 percent of their students being from K-12. The competitive landscape and a hunger for learning are apparent amongst the students, with massive growth in the Asia-Pacific region, representing 40 percent of the Ed-tech market. Online learning is seeing double-digit growth and showcases why parents must utilize interactive digital learning.

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For many, the studies can be a bore, and so here are some of the ways parents can make the old curriculum more engaging when starting the journey in online learning:

  • Set clear learning objectives: Before preparing your children on the path of online learning, it is important to identify the learning objectives for them. It will help you to structure the curriculum and activities around specific learning goals.
  • Effective use of multimedia: To make the assessment or quiz more engaging, consider incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, images, and audio clips. This helps break up the text and keep children engaged with the content.
  • Provide immediate feedback: Providing immediate feedback can help children to understand the material better and improve their learning outcomes. Parents should consider providing feedback after each question or activity and use it to reinforce key concepts or correct misconceptions. Interactive elements such as drag-and-drop activities or interactive simulations can help them better understand complex concepts and improve their learning outcomes.
  • Consider gamification: Gamification can be a powerful tool for engaging learners and improving their learning outcomes. Consider incorporating game-like elements such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards to make the assessment or quiz more engaging and motivating.

Becoming A Part Of A Community Of Learners

Building a community of learners is an important aspect of any online learning platform, and one of the best new platforms in this regard is SweetStudy (  Through SweetStudy, learners can feel more connected to their peers, instructors, and the subject matter they are studying. Further, interactive features can play a significant role in fostering this sense of community.

Students and parents can connect with various tutors across the globe and discuss different subjects. Other users can provide a platform for learners to dialogue, ask questions, and share their thoughts and experiences with their peers. The platform is designed to interact with one another; they can learn from each other’s perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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Another way to build a community of learners is through collaborative projects. Collaborative projects allow learners to collaborate, share ideas, and solve problems as a team. This can help children develop important teamwork and communication skills that can be useful in their future careers. Parents also get to spend quality time working on projects with their kids and build stronger bonds with each other.

Importance Of Instructor-Based Platform And Feedback

Instructor presence and feedback are important components of effective teaching and learning. The human touch has always been recognized as the key ingredient to the development of children and brings a greater understanding of the subjects being learned. Here are some reasons why the relationship between a teacher and student is important:

  • Fosters engagement and motivation: When instructors are present and actively engaging with students, it creates a sense of connection and motivation for learners. Parents must select instructors who are responsive, approachable, and actively involved in the learning process and can help students feel more invested and engaged in their learning. A new May 2022 research covered post-pandemic effects – from 80 percent of public school students having stunted socio-developmental skills to 70 percent of children reported seeking mental health support. It can be heartbreaking to see your children struggle like this, and the community aspect of learning is critical for their growth.
  • Provides guidance and support: Instructors can give valuable advice and support to learners, especially when they struggle with their course materials. They can also work with parents to help students overcome obstacles and reach their full potential by providing individualized feedback and support.
  • Encourages active learning: Instructors who are present and provide regular feedback can encourage active learning by prompting students to reflect on their learning and engage with the material. This can lead to deeper learning and greater retention of course content.
  • Promotes accountability: An Instructor’s presence and feedback can promote accountability in the learning process. When students know that their instructor is paying attention, they may be more likely to take the course seriously and put in the necessary effort to succeed.
  • Builds relationships: A positive relationship with students can foster a sense of community in the classroom, which can help to create a more supportive and inclusive learning environment.


In conclusion, engaging and interactive learning experiences are vital for parents to ensure the success of their children. With the rise of online learning, it is crucial for educators and e-learning platforms to prioritize developing interactive features that foster engagement, collaboration, and a sense of community among them.

Overall, the importance of interactive learning experiences cannot be overstated, and blending it with classroom learning makes a child pass out with flying colors.