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How to Make Big Choices for Your Home: 5 Questions to Ask

Your home is not just where you live. It serves as a sanctuary where you and your loved ones can relax, celebrate and prepare for all of life’s trials and successes. If you don’t feel pride in your home, it might be time to make some changes. Making big choices can improve the look and value of your home while better accommodating your wants and needs.

Before you pull out the hammer, it is important to ask some important questions,

What is a “Big” Home Choice?

A big home choice is a permanent or semi-permanent change to your home that’s noticeable for you and others who frequently visit your home.  This change could be as large as adding on a room or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or as small as mounting your microwave above your oven instead of leaving it on your counter.

Big changes include:

● Moving or Changing large furniture pieces

● Replacing Light Fixtures

● Rearranging Rooms

● Expanding a Room

● Finishing a Basement

● Adding a Deck

● Building a Fire Pit

● Installing a Pool or Hot Tub

● Adding a Room

● Fencing in A Yard

● Planting a Tree or Shrub

● Repainting

● Mounting a Television to the Wall

● Rewiring

● Switching Water Sources

● Installing New Shelving

Whatever the change, it takes time and thought to do it right, and you should never do it impulsively.  There are five questions to ask yourself when making a big choice.

Does It Add Value to the Home?

One of the most important things to consider for your home change is whether it will add value. Consider this especially important if you ever plan on selling your home.  Many homeowners make the mistake of adding a renovation they like but lowering their home’s value, making it hard to justify when selling their home.

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It’s important to research ahead of time to know what adds value to your area. For example, a pool could add value in Florida but not in Alaska. You can determine the home value through various online tools or by consulting a real estate professional.

Is the Decision Financially Sound?

It’s easy to want to go all in on a large home decision, but it’s also necessary to ensure that the choice is financially sound. Around 27% of homeowners start a project without a budget, but that could lead to disaster. You can often estimate the cost of a project with some research but you shouldn’t spend the 4money without having significant extra funds.

During any home project, it’s important to have remaining costs for unexpected delays, materials and life events, so you don’t have to make sacrifices throughout your project. Creating a budget that keeps the worst-case scenario in mind will help you complete the project with the stability your household needs.

Does It Complement the Rest of the Home?

Aesthetics is a huge part of making your home look larger or smaller, seem more or less valuable or make people feel happy or stressed. When you complete a major home change, consider whether the change complements the rest of your home.

Will it make your home more attractive? Does it fit the aesthetic you’re going for? Are you willing to change other parts of your home to make it work? Those are all questions to ask yourself when updating your home. When determining what’s best, consider the color, size and shape of your new addition in comparison to the rest of your home.

Will It Function With Other Items in the Home?

When you make a big choice for your home, you have to decide whether or not the item will work with your other elements. This goes beyond aesthetics. Americans spend billions of dollars renovating their homes each year, but there is a give and take for each project.

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What would happen to your grill or seating if you wanted a hot tub to your patio? If you expand your bathroom, will that take space away from a bedroom or closet?  You need to ensure the things you want to do aren’t detrimental to the rest of your home.

Does It Make You Happy?

The final question to ask yourself when adding onto your home is if the change really makes you happy. The truth is we often do things because we feel like we should, not because we actually want to. It’s your house and your rules, so you should feel free to make the changes you want to make without worrying what others think. As long as your household is safe and happy, you can make the big changes to reflect your personality.

Making Big Choices For Your Home

Your home should fit you but you also need to keep in mind what changes you can make now and what’s better to save for or plan for your next house. By asking yourself these questions before you make a major decision, you can ensure you are doing what’s best for you, your home and the rest of your household.

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