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5 DIY Jewelry Pieces You Can Make for a Meaningful Gift to a Loved One

An item of jewelry given as a gift is all the more meaningful when you make it with its recipient in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at making jewelry or have never done it before, DIY jewelry pieces are suitable for all skill levels. Check out some examples of beautiful DIY jewelry below.

A Wire Bracelet

A wire bracelet is a great gift for someone who loves collecting unique jewelry pieces. The supplies for this project include six gold crimps, a gold jump ring, a small spool of bendable gold wire, a Mason jar and a tassel made of faux leather. Also, make sure you have a sturdy pair of pliers in your collection of tools for jewelry making.

First, turn your Mason jar on its side and wrap the gold wire around it six times. Next, slip the wrapped wire off the jar and use your pliers to connect the layers with your gold crimps. Spacing the gold crimps in an even way around the border of your bracelet makes it even more decorative. Next, use your pliers to open the gold jump ring to connect it to the bracelet and the tassel. Finally, close the gold jump ring securely. You can opt for a gold tassel to match the color of your bracelet or make it another color to add a little more excitement to your gift.

A Mini Bottle Pendant Necklace

This DIY jewelry project allows you to give a loved one a miniature version of a message in a bottle! The supplies for this necklace include a necklace chain, an inch-long mini bottle with a cork, a craft knife, an eye pin, a spring ring clasp, wire cutters, pliers, a thin-tip paintbrush, and your recipient’s favorite color of paint. Start by painting the tiny bottle with your thin-tip paintbrush and allow it to dry. Next, push the eye pin into the cork, so the eye sticks out of the top. Use the wire cutters to trim the excess length of the eye pin, leaving about half an inch sticking out.

Untitled design (2)

Bend the half-inch section with your pliers to ensure it stays in the cork. Then, hook your spring ring to the eye pin on top of the cork and run the necklace through the spring ring, so it hangs in the middle of the chain. Using a craft knife, cut a small square of paper about one inch long and one inch wide. Write a simple wish for your gift recipient, roll up the note, and put it into the mini bottle. Push the cork into the opening of the mini bottle.

A Stone Pendant Necklace

This unique jewelry gift begins with a colorful, rough stone such as a blue sapphire or opal gemstone. A gemstone with a rough exterior will be easier to secure with wire. One of the best things about this DIY jewelry gift is that you have countless gemstones to choose from. The supplies for this project are a gold necklace chain, bendable gold wire, a circle spring clasp, round nose pliers, and a beautiful gemstone.

First, take your gold wire and wrap it six or seven times around the middle of the gemstone. Cut the end of the wire, leaving about an inch to spare. Next, run the end of the wire through your circle spring clasp and secure it. Then, clip the circle spring clasp onto the middle of the gold chain necklace. Be sure to position your stone pendant in the middle of the necklace.

A Seed Bead Necklace

A seed bead necklace is an easy gift to make, and you have many options regarding bead colors and how they’re arranged. Your supplies include beading thread, a beading needle, tweezers, craft glue, and a collection of 50 seed beads in one color and 50 medium beads in two other colors. Begin this project by cutting a 35-inch length of beading thread. Tie a small knot on one end, leaving a loose section measuring about one and a half inches.

Thread the beading needle through the opposite end of the thread and add beads to your necklace. It may be easier to use stainless steel tweezers to string your beads as opposed to trying to pick them up with your fingers. You can make a small section with beads of one color and size, then alternate with another size and color. When you finish stringing beads onto your necklace, tie the two ends of the thread in a double knot. Put a dot of craft glue onto the knot for extra security.

A Seashell Necklace

Is the person your creating a gift for a fan of the beach? If so, a seashell necklace is a gift with both meaning and beauty. A jump ring, an 18-inch silver chain, needle nose pliers, a hand drill, and four clean shells are the supplies necessary for this project. Put aside the shell you want to use for your necklace. The other three shells are there for practice. If you aren’t familiar with using hand drills, it’s best to practice a few times.

Untitled design (1)

First, hold the shell against your work surface so it doesn’t move. Next, carefully drill a small hole just under the top, flat edge of the shell. The rounded edge of the shell is going to face down when the person wears the necklace. Open the jump ring with your pliers and put it through the hole in your shell. Then, string the silver chain necklace through the jump ring and close the ring with your pliers. This gift gives your loved one the chance to take a little of the beach wherever they go.

Use Your Creativity to Make an Extra Special Gift

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a jewelry design for a gift. Putting some thought and creativity into making a piece of jewelry is going to touch the heart of your loved one, no matter the occasion.