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Winner Chosen…TspSpices, Party Giveaway #11

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YZgirl4 said… 32
March 24, 2009 4:55 PM

I love to cook, but I hate cooking the same things over and over again. Everyone says that spices and herbs can switch up a tired meal into something fabulous, but buying some of those herbs and spices can be a waste. I like chili but only in the winter so I don’t need a whole jar of chili blend seasonings taking up precious cabinet space. TspSpices has come up with an ingenious solution; package flavorful organic spices in convenient teaspoon a size packet that are protected from light and moisture but minimizes staleness and waste.

I’ve been using my TspSpices for a few weeks and LOVE them. Thyme is something that I adore on pork but since we don’t eat pork that often I never buy it. TspSpices has allowed me to make the yummiest pork roast by adding thyme to the recipe to give it a whole new level of flavor. I’m sad to say that fish is another rare meal in our house but with their individual dill packets I’m able to make it extra-special with a little lemon and olive oil.

My herb garden is lifeless right now but soon will be spilling with oregano and parsley but I can’t grow nutmeg or Ancho chili powder. TspSpices is the place to grab all of your herb & spice needs and feel good about what you buy. Organic seasonings free of fillers and additives are all you will find at TspSpices. Packaged in adorable tins these spices would make a wonderful house-warming gift for the new couple starting out or thoughtful mother’s day gift for the hidden foodie.

TspSpices is offering one LookWhatMomFound reader a chance to win a Collection of their own. You get to choose between Herb Samplers, Sunshine Zest, or Savoir Faire

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit TspSpices, then come back and tell me which collection you would choose. (non-bloggers are welcome to enter. Be Sure To Leave a Valid Email Address)

Extra Entries: Mandatory Entry must be done first. Leave a new comment for each action taken.

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If your entries do not follow the rules, they will not be eligible to win.
Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday April 7, 2009.
If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen. I will email prize winner and also post winners name here on LookWhatMomFound the day after the contest ends.Winner will be chosen at Random! I will be using Random.com to select the winner. Contest open to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Oh what a great find!! I love Oregano and could do so much with this. I make my own speggetti (sp?) sauce and this would be great to use in it! I like their recepie section, what a great site, I bookmarked it! 😉

  2. I follow you wmckenz16

  3. I follow you on twitter and tweet:
    Latest: http://tinyurl.com/dbtopg check out the wonderful spices on LkWhtMomFound!! less than 5 seconds ago

  4. I’m a member of playdates and my member name is mommymaddy.

  5. The Dreamer says

    I love the Set for the Holidays!

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  6. furygirl3132 says

    I would definitely choose the Herb Sampler,I love Basil and Rosemary, what a great giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity!


  7. furygirl3132 says

    I am following you on Twitter (furygirl3132) and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/furygirl3132/status/1381700643


  8. SandyM204 says

    I would LOVE to have The ‘Spice Cabinet’ collection!

  9. furygirl3132 says

    I am also following your blog.


  10. SandyM204 says

    I follow you on Twitter (Sandym204) and I tweeted!

  11. SandyM204 says

    Entered Rosa’s Fudge Spring Blog party giveaway

  12. Deborah says

    I’d choose the Herb Sampler – exactly what I need until I can harvest herbs from my kitchen garden. Thanks for the chance to win. asthenight at gmail dot com

  13. Deborah says

    I follow you on Twitter (it’s how I found out about this contest) and gave you a Tweet http://twitter.com/AsTheNight/status/1381772674

  14. Deborah says

    I am now following your blog publicly. asthenight at gmail dot com

  15. Deborah says

    I entered your Rosa’s Fudge Spring Blog party giveaway. asthenight at gmail dot com

  16. Marianna says

    I would chose the Sunshine Zest. i always see yummy recipes that clal for either lemon or orange zest and I never make them because I don’t have any.

  17. Marianna says

    I follow

  18. Marianna says

    I have your button.

  19. Frances says

    What a fabulous giveaway! My hubby and I love to cook and the Herb Sampler would be just perfect for us! What a great giveaway!

    fperkins2000 @ yahoo dot com

  20. I’d like the Sun Shine

  21. I follow

  22. Isabella says

    I would choose the Herb Sampler.

  23. Carolyn G says

    I like the herb sampler.

  24. Whitney Olson Smith says

    What a great idea! I would choose the Herb Sampler collection, as they’re really basic spices that can be used in a lot of different recipes.


  25. Whitney Olson Smith says

    I have your button.


  26. YZgirl4 says

    The spice cabinet would be great


  27. EllyBean says

    I would choose the green basics.

    ellybean (at) connected2christ.com

  28. I love the holiday set.

    I’m blog hopping from the Ultimate Blog Party. Nice to meet you.

  29. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend says

    I love your blog. I would choose the green basics.

    Stop by my blog for a visit. Though I am relativity new to blogging, I am loving all my new friends.

    I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE.
    I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years.

    From the comments I have already received, appears to be something a little different and something anyone could use.

    I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxes . They will be the $100 deluxe size.

    I want my blog to encourage others. I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be Saturday!

  30. I’d pick the Sun Shine Collection. Those are things I often substitute out when called for in recipes, because I never have them on hand. Would be perfect!

  31. I also entered the Rosa’s Fudge giveaway (thanks!)

  32. Bebemiqui says

    I’d have to get the Herb sampler!

  33. gahome2mom says

    I would like the TSP Spices – Herb Sampler. My Rosemarry plants looks a lil’ dry right now. I may need to replant it. lol Thanks.

    gahome2mom (at) gmail.com

  34. gahome2mom says

    button on blog – abc listed
    gahome2mom (at) gmail.com


  35. gahome2mom says

    Tweeted: http://tinyurl.com/dbtopg
    Twtr: gahome2mom

    gahome2mom (at) gmail.com


  36. gahome2mom says
  37. cdziuba says

    Herb Sampler for me.

  38. Anonymous says

    Sweet Basics! Yummy!

  39. Insignificon says

    I’d choose the herb sampler.

  40. Celeste says

    I’d take the Herb Sampler. 🙂

    contact me at:

  41. Celeste says

    Following your blog!

    contact me at:

  42. Celeste says

    Entered the Rosa’s Fudge giveaway!

    contact me at:

  43. I like Sunshine

    Thanks for the giveaway

  44. judybrittle says

    I would love the Herb sampler. That is a nice collection of spices. Thank you!

  45. judybrittle says

    Following on Twitter kewpiedoll04

  46. judybrittle says

    I entered your Rosa’s Fudge giveaway.

  47. collyn23 says

    herb sampler would be my choice

  48. collyn23 says

    i subscribe

  49. Shelly says

    The ‘Spice Cabinet’ collection looks great

  50. Shelly says

    Joined PlayDatePicks

  51. Sara and Alex says

    I love the Set for the Holidays. I am not very good at mixing different spices so this takes out the guess work!

  52. Sara and Alex says

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted it http://twitter.com/SaraMama

  53. Sara and Alex says

    I am a follower

  54. Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) says

    I’d get the Sun Shine Zest collection so I wouldn’t have to zest an orange or lemon!

  55. I would choose the Sunshine Zest.

  56. Andreah says

    I would choose the cookie jar collection.

  57. Kristie says

    I would choose Green Basics.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  58. Jennifer, The Lady Riposter says

    I would choose Cookie Jar! Yummy!

  59. JeansandTs says

    I choose Spice Basics which contains one can each of organic coriander, organic cumin, organic fennel seed, organic ginger, chile pepper, mild and organic turmeric.

  60. Ellen C. says

    The “peace of the pie” collection sounds great. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  61. Ellen C. says

    I entered the Rosa’s Fudge contest.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  62. Susieqtpie says

    Sweet Basics would be the collection I would choose first! How A D O R A B L E!!!! I’m loving these!!! What an awesome review of this product!!!!!!

  63. Susieqtpie says

    I’m following you on twitter! please follow me back!! I just tweeted your giveaway and this is what I said

    susieqtpie Win Spices: @lkwhtmomfound http://tinyurl.com/dbtopg .. adorable!less than 5 seconds ago from web

  64. Susieqtpie says

    Ijoined the Rosa Fudge giveaway!!! oh my goodness that looks GOOD! lol

  65. Susieqtpie says

    I grabbed your button!!! It is so cool!! Thanks I hope you get clicks on my blog!

  66. Susieqtpie says

    Play Date Picks forum!! What I never knew about this! How fun! Thanks and i’m susieqtpie on there.

  67. miss thrifty says

    I’m thinking the herb sampler would complement alot of dinners!

    I posted your giveaway on my website and please feel free to list your giveaway on my website on Fridays if I forget to.


  68. auntrene says

    This product is Genius. Wonderful, I would love to try the Herb Sampler, I checked the site out and would love the Spice Sampler cumin yummy. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  69. auntrene says

    I am a follower. Thanks!

  70. auntrene says

    I entered the Rosa’s Fudge giveaway.. Thanks, now I want fudge, and great spices.

  71. Jeff and Mandee says

    I would definitely chose the Herb Sampler…..what great little packets!!


  72. andrea v says

    herb sampler would be my choice.

  73. The herb sampler sounds nice.

  74. Tamara B. says

    I would love to try their Herb Sampler.

  75. Tamara B. says

    Follow LookWhatMomFound publicly

  76. The Green Basics collection looks awesome. Thank you for the opportunity!


  77. Sweet Sampler


  78. Heather D. says

    Sunshine Zest for me!

  79. ginnn7 says

    i would like try the Sweet Sampler

  80. Jennifer Carrick says

    The herb sampler would be my choice.

    jen.carrick at gmail dot com

  81. photoquest says

    The herb sample package would be my choice! what a awesome idea, these packets are to stay fresh!

  82. noreen says

    Sun Shine
    I need some zest!

  83. wigget says

    i would choose Sunshine Zest

  84. Manic Mother says

    Sweet basic sampler.

  85. Manic Mother says

    I put up your button, come enter my See Kai Run giveaway 🙂

  86. TheCrockPotDork says

    Cookie jar – yum!!

  87. Condo Blues says

    I’m a foodie so I’d like the Savoir Fare pack. Oh the thinks I could make with it! NOM.

  88. Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy says

    I would definately go with the The ‘Spice Cabinet’, my husband would love it! We use a lot of spices in cooking!

  89. Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy says


  90. boojmer says

    lynn I love to cook so these spices will be great.

  91. Buki Family says

    hmmm… either the spice cabinet or the herb sampler…

  92. Carolsue says

    I’d choose the Herb Sampler

  93. Carolsue says


  94. The Herb Samplers sounds great, perfect to make our favorite meals a little tastier.


  95. Mommyhood is Thankless says

    I would choose the herb sampler!


  96. Mommyhood is Thankless says
  97. Valerie says

    I would pick the Herb Sampler, I use all of those spices aaaallllll the time.

  98. Spice basics would be good for us

    weblynx at hotmail.com

  99. Helen S says

    I would like to try the Herb Sampler.

  100. I’d choose the Herb Samplers

  101. Reva Skie says

    I would go for the Spice Basics collection.

  102. Heather says

    I would choose the Herb Sampler. Thank you!

  103. Set for the Holidays looks soooooo magically perfect for all my holiday cooking! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  104. I entered your Rosa’s Fudge Spring Blog party giveaway! : )))


  105. I am following you on TWITTER….username mamaleahita.

    And, I TWITTERED about this fabulous give~away.


    Thanks again! : )))


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