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Why Are you Wearing A Shirt In The Pool?

Tomorrow Sabreena is going to an end of the school year/going away (since we are moving) pool party. Sabreena has a few bathing suits and one is a bikini the second is a tube top like bathing suit and the last one is a rash guard bathing suit.

I told her when I first found out about this party that she had to wear her rash guard bathing suit because boys would be present and I do not want my beautiful daughter wearing her bikini around teenage boys. Tonight Sabreena asked me if she had to wear her rash guard bathing suit and Melinda immediately starting laughing and saying people were going to be asking her why she was wearing a shirt in the pool.

The dad in me wants her to wear the rash guard but I know that is probably mean so I guess I will let her wear her bikini.  I am stressing out big time!!!