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I Got It From My Momma

The one good thing I got from my mother is good skin.My grandmother looks incredible for her age and people are often surprised when they find out my real age; that is until they see my gray hair.  I remember while growing up watching my mother primp and get all dressed up. She’d try on clothes and heels, moisturize her legs and use fancy skincare products then apply make-up at an old-school light up mirror. I try to do the same routine, except for the heels and lighted make-up mirror. It’s been working pretty well for me up until now.

I’ve been noticing dryer skin lately, especially on my hands and feet and legs. My typical products just aren’t cutting it anymore. Shea butter is supposed to be a fantastic natural moisturizer and L’OCCITANE is known for doing it best. Harvesting the Shea nut from the same resource ensures a consistent result, one that consumers have been raving over for years.

“Hands speak your age–but not indelibly. Shea Butter is used traditionally by African woman to soothe and smooth skin exposed to Earth’s fiercest ultraviolet conditions, and now can help relieve and restore yours. Massage this silky treatment into hands to counter dryness, retexturize skin and restore circulation.”

L’OCCITANE is a beauty and skin care company focused on maintaining the integrity of the natural ingredients they use. Taking it a step further in sustainable practices is their use of water based inks, recycled and recyclable packaging materials and naturally obtained energy sources to power factories.

Some of the highest quality and most treasured beauty products have the L’OCCITANE name on them. The old adage “you get what you pay for” stands true here.



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