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Crocs aren’t just for kids

What do I get the most excited about for spring and summer? Flip Flops. I’m a simple girl with simple needs….I need comfy flip flops. Don’t get me wrong I love me a strappy sandal, sparkly crystals, wedge heels and bright colors but my go to for ease and simplicity is a flip-flop.


what's up with the cankle

The Crocs Tone Skylar Flips are fitting nicely into my warm weather wardrobe. A few months back I reviewed Crocs Tone Skylar Flats and Clogs. I admitted they were comfortable but just not my style. I gifted them to my pregnant friend at the time and she loved them. I’m liking the look of the Emma Wedge too and may add them to my summer shoe arsenal.

Rob received the Bowen sneaker. This is a very different shoe than he’s used to wearing. Rob is a tried and true sneaker wearer but is actually liking his Crocs. They are comfortable and go really well with jeans and khakis. To me the Bowen isn’t a sneaker but instead a good looking, grown up casual shoe. It doesn’t resemble a typical Croc; that’s a good thing for me.

Hands down, Crocs are comfortable. Not all the styles are my taste but I know why people love them so much.



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  1. I just bought a new pair of Crocs, love the comfort of them. The gym shoes are pretty snazzy looking.

    • Melinda says

      I was poking around the site last week and some of their other styles are really cute!!! Need to shop this weekend for Reviewers Retreat shoes are definitely on the list 🙂

  2. I need to shop as well for RR getting so close!!!

  3. Do those dots on the bottom hurt? They look so comfortable except I might be scared of those…

  4. Those are really cute!

  5. The sandals are really cute! I wear nothing but flip flops in the summer.

  6. Those are nice sandals. Look comfy too.

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