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I don’t understand this behavior

I admit I have a bit of an obsession with handbags and makeup but I keep them reasonably tucked away in their own spot for when I need them.  What I don’t understand is a man’s need to dedicate his love of a sports team from floor to ceiling and everything in between.

giants mancave

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Man Caves are meant to be a sanctuary, a getaway within the walls of your own home.  These hideaways have been known to really take on a life of their own.  Bright obnoxious paint, lifesize decals, framed signatures on anything a signature would fit on and of course the oversized loud colored reclining furniture.  I’ve just pretty much described my father’s basement.  Though he has spared my mother the obnoxious paint he went overboard on the chotchkies and Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Village Collection.
eagles village, man cave
Behavior like this can be found all over the country. What it all means is men love being a part of something and bringing together friends and family for the same thing.  Getting together is what it’s all about.   Good Food, Great Friends and Close Family.

Ball Park Hot Dogs, Facebook, men easier fed than understood
Ball Park wants to know about the quirky and sometimes nonsensical behaviors that the guys in your life take part in that you just don’t understand.

I Disclose


  1. Channel flipping. How can you watch TV when you only see the programs 10 seconds at a time?

  2. I heard of a new term: Mom Cave. I want one of those.

  3. My husband’s man cave is still in progress, but it’s entirely different than sports themed rooms. His is filled with computers and video game consoles, with movie posters and comic books on the walls.

  4. That first picture is pretty much how my basement looks – ours is all buffalo bills with some buffalo sabres stuff. We don’t call it the “man” cave, it’s the “fan cave” since we both buy stuff for it and hang out down there. We have a the bills rug, tapestries, framed autographs, momentos from important games, season ticket holder dvd boxes, stuff from when we went to the nfl draft, garden gnomes, autographed footballs, our couch and recliner are buffalo bills branded and we have sabres themed directors and rocking chairs.

  5. Everything! Their chats, how they remember stats and not groceries or the garbage. I wouldn’t want to be in their heads lol

  6. All I know about the Philadelphia Eagles comes from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, LOL. My guy has computer stuff in his room, so I guess that’s his “Man Cave”? But I have several rooms painted pink so I have a “Girl Cave” too I guess, hahaha!

  7. Melinda, don’t be so guilty about it. I have that kind of behavior too! lol! Love to collect bags and shoes and I don’t even use it a lot. I’m just happy to see them in my cabinet.

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