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This Is What Is Wrong With Society!!!!

So on my way to work this morning I heard about a website called  In NO way an I endorsing this site or getting paid to write this because to be honest it appears to be WAY creepy and a lot gross.

An MIT graduate  came up with the idea of an online dating service that aims to connect older, wealthy “sugar daddies” with younger, attractive “sugar babies” looking to be pampered in exchange for some affection.

The boom in membership was so high among female students that the website last month released a national ranking of the top 20 colleges and universities whose students joined the website in 2011. Temple was No. 5.  Wade started the website started in 2005, said that the sugar babies usually join in search of a more luxurious lifestyle. Now, the website is being invaded by more pragmatic college students – women, and some guys, looking for a benefactor to pay their student loans, provide start-up capital for their businesses or help them land jobs.

We live close to Philly so hearing Temple was No. 5 was a little disturbing.  This service costs men $50 a month and can upgrade to a premium service for $2,400 per year.  Really men need to pay $2,400 a year to find a women or college age girl.  Pathetic in my opinion.

Each woman’s account requires some basic information (name, location, age) and one piece that’s a little more personal: how much money she expects to receive per date. Prices range from less than $1,000 to more than $20,000. Some women, like Paula, label themselves as being “open for negotiation.”

Trust me I totally understand college is expensive and times are hard but is this kind of service really necessary?  I am assuming yes since so many people use it but my opinion is no.  Women are getting between 1k – 20k per date.  I know they are claiming this site is legal but it seems very close to prostitution if you ask me.

Maybe I am jealous because I am a man but for the last twenty years women always saying they want to be equal with men but then they utilize services like this.  Don’t get me wrong these men are nasty pigs who need to date people their own age or date at least for love and NOT for the possibility of sex in exchange for money.

Before people get all up in arms I am not saying all women are utilizing these serivces and I am not saying that the ones who do are any less of a women but I am saying there has to be a better, safer way than this.

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