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Keeping Warm And Looking Good #Troop8X #HTC8

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Here in Delaware the weather up until Tuesday has been fairly warm so the kids have been getting away with wearing either light spring type coats or hooded sweatshirts.  On Tuesday a blast of cold air came from somewhere dropping the temperatures in our area into the teens and twenties.  Now I know most people in the Northeast and Midwest would laugh at my complaint but this is weather that when it does hit us it hits us really hard and makes an impact.


Looking good even in the freezing weather

On Monday I spotted Shaun and Shae getting off the bus and they were bundled up pretty good and that is because it was 19 degrees with a real feel temperature of 9 degrees.  So I grabbed my Windows Phone by HTC8X and decided to get a picture of them because they looked cute all bundled up.  At first I ran outside in my flannel pajama pants and t shirt and quickly realized that I needed a coat on just to take a picture of them, LOL.  I am usually ok for a few minutes outside without a coat but not this time so you know it was cold.  I love how Shaun and Shae have their own fashion scene.  Shaun looks like a little man with his cool hat and scarf on and I LOVE Shae’s owl hat and gloves because they go perfectly with her cat coat, flower dress and Ugg style boots, LOL.

We are supposed to get a little bit of snow tonight but nothing huge and the temps are going to get a little warmer over the next week.  Next week it appears that the temperature are going to be back in the 40’s and 50’s which is perfectly fine with me.


7 day forecast here in Newark, DE

I know the kids want a huge snow storm but I will be honest I’m pretty happy that we haven’t had any to this point and hope it stays that way.

What does the weather look like where you live?

I was provided with the Windows 8X by HTC but ALL pinions are based on my own experiences. #Troop8X #HTC8 

I Disclose

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  1. I’m over the cold but the kids sure do look cute all bundled up!

  2. COLD here but not snowy enough for me! It’s cold enough that it’s hard to motivate myself to get out of the house!

    • I like snow but if we don’t get any this season I would totally be ok and I agree because this weekend it’s going to be cold here and I have no plans of leaving the house except to maybe go food shopping.

  3. Great pic with your Windows smartphone! The kids look cold! BTW, I have a sister in Smyrna and a friend in Milford, and I’ve heard about the temps up there! Brrr, I wouldn’t trade our FL temps for yours right now!! I would like to see snow again someday, though! (I’m originally from Baltimore, MD!)

    • I really like the pictures that my Windows Phone takes. Trust me you aren’t missing much. Also, any time you want you can stay at our house in DE and we will stay at your in FL. LOL.

  4. Yikes! Those temps make my low 30s look appealing! Stay warm!

  5. Rob,
    shared your post with my friend and my sister, maybe they’ll become followers of your blog!

  6. What a great photo! Hard to believe you took it with your phone.

    It’s been in the low 20s here for over a week and we’re tired of being human popsicles. 😛

    • LOL same here. Thankfully it’s supposed to get a little warmer over the next few days here in Delaware.

  7. It has been in the low thirties here in California and I am not liking it in the morning when I have to get the kids off to school. I always make sure my kids are warm, but I am really shocked when I see parents dropping their kids off wearing shorts.

    • 30’s in California? WOW. I also see a lot of kids with no coats on and I wonder where the parents are when they leave the house.

  8. I am a big sissy when it comes to being cold. I don’t like going outside when the low is 40. I’d be bundled up indoors if it was that cold here.

  9. LOL, I don’t think the kids like going outside when it’s below 40 either but they were coming home from school.

  10. I love her hat and gloves. The bundle up shots are great I have amny from childhood and now I take them of my kids

  11. You kids are really cute… well from what is uncovered at least LOL! Great picture of them with the windows phone. We live in AZ and we had a whole week of what considered cold and I hated it! I used to live in the midwest and moved from there for this reason! LOL Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  12. I’m glad it’s warming up too… I love a good storm – but I hate being cold! Those owl gloves and hat are so sweet 🙂

  13. I have lost more hats and gloves this winter!
    I need to show this to my kid. She thinks a hoodie is sufficient enough to fight the weather.

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