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Shae Coming Into Her Own

Shae is finally coming into her own and on one hand it’s cool to see but on the other it’s kind of sad because she is growing up so fast.


On Sunday I spent the day with Shae since Melinda was visiting her Pop Pop, Shaun was playing Xbox Live and Sabreena was doing whatever a 17 year old does.  On Saturday Melinda promised to take Shae to the park but Melinda took a nap and by the time she woke up it was to late and cold to go.  After Melinda woke up from her nap Shae asked when they were going to the park.  I think Melinda totally forgot (I forget all of the time, LOL) that she promised Shae that they would go to the park so I told Shae it was to late and cold but we would go to the park on Sunday.  She responded “I don’t care who takes me to the park as long as someone does.” Melinda and I laughed so hard at her response.  It’s crazy the stuff that Shae learns from her brother, sister and cartoons.  I am sure Shaun teaches her a lot of these things because they are together ALL of the time.  Melinda tells me all of the time Shaun and Shae act exactly the same and she also says they act just like me.  I might agree with Melinda because a lot of times I act like a kid as well so that is probably where Shaun and Shae get it from.

Shae is only 5 but I swear some of the stuff that she says sometimes really throws me from a loop because it’s stuff I wouldn’t expect to come from her mouth.

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