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Prepping before Baking #KidsintheKitchen

This week for #KidsintheKitchen we worked on organization. Specifically I taught Shae how to get organized when it’s time for baking. Baking is so different than just cooking. Since there is some science involved with baking it’s important to make sure you have all of your ingredients, the right amounts and ready to add. Being unorganized while baking can cause catastrophic results. Skipping over ingredients or adding incorrect measurements can effect taste and texture.

Starting good kitchen habits early on can only with end results and clean up.
Teaching Skills in the Kitchen, #kidsinthekitchen
We took the easy way out and used a boxed cake mix since we’re pressed for time in the afternoons. I showed her how to look at the entire recipe, see each ingredient she needed and work on any prep work. I preheated the oven while she put papers in the muffin tins I don’t know why but she loves this step.
#kidsinthekitchen Adding Cupcake Liners
Next we measured out each ingredient, mixed up the batter and poured it into our tins. This particular batch was for Shaun’s lacrosse team but we snuck a couple for quality control.
#kidsinthekitchen, Mixing up Cake Batter
#kidsinthekitchen, Eating Cupcakes
Did you have fun in the kitchen this week? Did you try a new food or a new restaurant? Did your littlest ones use their snacks to count to 10? Share your experiences, photos, stories or recipes that include your #kidsinthekitchen. I would love for you to join me and my co-hosts, Paula at Frosted Fingers and Sara at Sensibly Sara, each week linking up a post, new or old, that feature the theme Kids in the Kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together and enjoying it and learning something.

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I can’t wait to see all of the fun food themed ideas, excursions and photos you have to share.


  1. Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen says

    I think starting with a boxed mix is a good way to start when baking since there’s fewer ingredients and fewer steps involved. My kids love putting the wrappers in the pans, too!

  2. Looks like eating them was her favorite part!

  3. I can’t wait til my daughter is old enough to start helping me…as opposed to “helping” now, which is really just making a huge mess for me to clean up!

  4. What a great collection of kids in kitchen recipes! Can’t wait to try them with the boys!

  5. So fun! She looks like she had a blast!! My little chef has a cast on her arm/hand ans she has been dying to cook…shes trying certain things one handed but its tough. Shes counting down the days until she can be full force in the kitchen again 🙂

  6. You inspired me to make cupcakes, too! Now to avoid eating them all…

  7. That last picture look like pure pleasure!

    Do you have a grab box for the code for your Kids in the Kitchen button? I could only find the button your home page.

  8. YUM! Cupcakes are awesome!

    You are better than we are – we measure as we go.

  9. Thanks Melinda for visiting mommytheteacher. Thanks for hosting this linky. I look forward to learning from site!

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