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Dessert Quesadillas #kidsinthekitchen

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The kids like elaborate desserts at home. Make your own sundaes and homemade strawberry shortcakes usually top their list. This are delicious but I sometimes crave something a little different. Quesadillas are a regular lunch for us so I asked Shae and Shaun to come up with some Dessert Quesadilla ideas.

Dessert Quesadillas #kidsinthekitchen

I pulled out ingredients that I thought would fit well into a dessert theme and let them create their own treats.

Dessert Quesadillas #kidsinthekitchen

Shaun was first. He loves chocolate covered strawberries so he went with sliced strawberries and chocolate chips. He made it almost all by himself. I helped with flipping the quesadilla and moving it to a plate but he manned the stove pretty well.

Chocolate covered Strawberry Dessert Quesadillas #kidsinthekitchen

Shae went with  my favorite combination, S’mores.  She wasn’t as confident at the stove but was able to help quite a bit.

S'mores Dessert Quesadillas #kidsinthekitchen

The final one was made for dad; bananas, chocolate chips and crushed salted cashews.  He loved it.  This is something we are going to keep experimenting with, coming up with new combinations and ingredient ideas.

Dessert Quesadillas made by kids
Did you have fun in the “kitchen” this week? Did you try a new food or a new kid friendly restaurant? Did your littlest ones use their snacks to count to 10? We invite you to share your experiences, photos, stories or recipes that include your #kidsinthekitchen.

Come join me and my co-hosts, Paula at Frosted Fingers and Sara at Sensibly Sara, each week linking up a post, new or old, that feature the theme Kids in the Kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together, enjoying it and learning something along the way.

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  1. I like the way your kids think. I’ve never had a quesadilla with sweets inside, but I’m rethinking that now!

  2. I love the s’mores quesadillas! I am definitely going to try that one with the fam.

  3. Hey Melinda! What a fun link up! Thanks for stopping by knowgluten, I just linked up my Cake Mix Cookies. 🙂

  4. hey i never thought of using tortillas that way! sure looks yummy! and thanks for the party too 🙂

    • we eat them all the time for savory dishes and instead of bread for sandwiches. I guess I should’ve mentioned I used a touch of butter and sprinkled sugar on them too 🙂

  5. Betty Baez says

    Yummie! I’m going to try this with my boys!

  6. I’ve made these before! Yummy! My friend uses chocolate chips and cinnamon! So good!

  7. Tracey@we-made-that.com says

    Oh those quesadillas look good! I actually want one for me right now, but I know my girls would love them too! Thanks so much for sharing and hosting!

  8. Great idea! I’ve never thought of using tortillas for sweet ingredients. Thanks so much for the tip. Quesadillas are also a staple in our house, so this will be a fun variation!

    Also, thanks so much for featuring my little Maren and banana ice cream from last week. Very exciting! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  9. I love this! I have eaten ALL KINDS of quesadillas, but I don’t eat dessert quesadillas often enough.

  10. Oh, those dessert quesadillas look delicious! I’ve already pinned them so my son and I can make them next week. Thanks for hosting, as always!

  11. Melinda – I love this great idea for cooking with kids. Featuring you at Family Fun Friday and I grabbed an image from this post. Thanks for sharing! Pinned.

  12. Oh my! I would love for you to share and link up at my weekly TGIF Link Party if you haven’t already this week. Your favorite posts, most popular, recent or new! The party is open every Thursday night and closes Tuesday’s at midnight. Followed by (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday! http://apeekintomyparadise.blogspot.com/.
    I would be honored if you join us and follow to stay connected Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Cathy

  13. Yum yum! I’ll be featuring you for the Kids Co Op this week 🙂

  14. Katie M says

    So cute and not terribly unhealthy! Doesn’t look messy either – a must for me when working with kids in the kitchen. They also look like something we could do camping! Thanks for the great idea!


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