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Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Did you realize Valentine’s Day is jsut 2 days away?  You’re quickly running out of time to get something together for your kids to hand out to their classmates. Don’t fear.  These crafts are QUICK, EASY and only use 2-3 everyday supplies to complete.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

BEE Fingerprint Valentine’s Card from Rusty & Rosy Blog

Create this personalized card with some paper, stamp pads or markers and your child’s fingerprints.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

DIY Mutlicolor Crayons from Hands On As We Grow

Upcycle those broken and mismatched crayon boxes into one kid sized magic crayon. Use a muffin tin or silicone molds in whatever shape you choose.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Fingerprint Bookmarks from LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!

Fingerprints, paper and a little ribbon or yard and you’ve got unique and useful gifts for a crowd.Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Pillow Box for Treats from MomDot

In case you already have a stash of goodies to share why not give them in these adorable treat box made of paper and glue and some embellishments of your choosing.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Watercolor Valentines from Nest of Posies

Choose paper of your choice and create a beautiful watercolor masterpiece to hand out with a special handwritten message inside.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Arrow Straw Toppers from Wild Olive

Paper and scissors is all that is needed to make these to top off straws or pencils.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Sewn Heart Valentine from Tinkerlabs

Let little hands weave a heart through cardboard or cardstock with yarn, thread, twine or ribbon to fashion a little love note.

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

As you can see all of these ideas only need a couple things plus your imagination to make it your own.  You better get moving, time is running out.


  1. So many cute ideas here! I think I’ll make those arrow toppers for my kids, cute.

  2. Really cute stuff!

  3. Very cute ideas. Thanks so much for the roundup!

  4. It’s getting close to the big day! We are making crafts all day tomorrow. thanks for the ideas!

  5. Such cute ideas. I love craft ideas, like these, even away from the holidays. Let’s my daughter get some practice time with her creation before giving it away.

  6. I love the bookmark idea. That’s something they can reuse and will think about their friend every time they use it. Very crafty ideas, mama!

  7. These are all such great ideas. I’m about to break out my mixer and make some cookies for tomorrow. (I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW.)

  8. love thumbprint crafts, those are my favorites. so sweet!

  9. I am so last minute because of this ice storm. I am going to drop kids off tomorrow run to the store and do something within one hr to get back to their party they are having at 10. Love these ideas

  10. These are so cute! I cannot wait until my oldest is in school so we can make valentines like these. These would really come in handy this week here – all the snow has closed stores here, so there’d be plenty of time for making cards!

  11. Those watercolor valentine’s are GORGEOUS!! I don’t think my kids would paint that nicely. 😉

  12. Thumbprint bookmarks are my favorite. Thank goodness Red and HUbs are out of town. I’ve been so busy with work that Valentines Day will consist of nothing for me!

  13. The bee valentines look super easy. We did the crayons one year, but it took a long time- getting the wrappers off and having to wait for them to cool, so we did them over several days.

  14. What a great collection!! I love those arrow straws!

  15. Great last minute ideas! I love the arrow straws!

  16. I absolutely love those little pill boxes, they are SO cute! I am going to try to make them!

  17. I love the arrow straws! I wish I had time to do a lot of the crafts I have seen this week with my son!

  18. So many cute ideas! My son had his V.Day party today at school and I was happy to see a homemade bookmark in there. My son loves bookmarks!

  19. What cute ideas! I love the straws!! 🙂

  20. Cute ideas. I love the fingerprint bookmarks!

  21. What cute ideas and easy to do! We have half a day of school today and it’s snowing like crazy! Thanks for giving me some ideas to entertain the kids this afternoon!

  22. These are some great last-minute Valentines suggestions for kids! No matter how I try, we tend to be last-minute waaaay too frequently!

  23. The watercolor idea is so cute. In fact, I should’ve done that for friends!

  24. Great last minute ideas! The Bee prints are super cute.

  25. I love these quick gifts … they rock. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. These are some really cute ideas! I’m pinning them for later

  27. My son’s preschool class made the recycled crayons. He’s been drawing with them for days. What great ideas.

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