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Animal Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks Craft

In a world full of Spongebob, Minecraft, Xmen and Micky Mouse I’m glad I have the craftiness to help my kids stand out in the piles of mediocre. This year for Valentine’s Day Shae will be handing out something more exciting and lovable with these Animal Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks.

Animal Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks


Fingerprints make everything cuter. The personal touch shows the recipient that the gift was made especially for them from the heart. These bookmarks are also useful.  Shae is reading more and more each day and I know a bookmark would come in handy for her.


  • Stamp pads
  • Blank bookmark shapes cut from cardstock
  • Fine point pens
  • yarn or embroidery threadThumbprint Valentine Bookmarks


Ink thumbs and fingers and press onto bookmarks.

Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks

Add details to transform in to cute animal shapes. Write your message.

Bunny Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks

Add yarn to the top of the bookmark.

In just a few short minutes you have an adorable Valentine Card for an entire class.

Animal Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks


Can you come up with any other thumbprint animal ideas?