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4 Animal Face Painting Design Ideas for Your Kids

Whether it is a birthday party attraction or a costume competition – knowing how to face paint can be really handy. I spent my niece’s last birthday, painting the faces of little children to help them look like the animals they wanted.

I honestly had more fun than I thought I would. Here are some of the popular designs I made and how to make them.

1. Dog Face Paint Design

Dogs are one of the most common animals that kids want to dress up as or want to be associated with. Painting a dog face is an easy task so you have no reason to sweat. Have you seen the dog-face emoji? The one with a white pup with black spots. It is one of the most common interpretations people use.

How to Paint it –

  • Start with white face paint. Cover your child’s face with a white base to help enhance the look and other features.
  • Add basic black eyeliner around one of their eyes to make it look like a spot on the dalmatian.
  • Apply some on the tip of their nose to represent their puppy nose.
  • Use the same eyeliner to draw whiskers.
  • You are done!

2. Bunny Face Paint Design

While adding rabbit ears is enough to often represent a bunny, painting a bunny face isn’t that difficult and will kick the look up a notch.

How to Paint it –

  • Sponge a base coat of grey and white paint on your child’s face like for the dog face.
  • Add rosy cheeks to highlight a bunny’s chubby little cheeks.
  • Add a nose and whiskers.
  • Draw on the two bunny teeth.
  • You are done!

3. Tiger Face Paint Design

Tigers are more a more common demand among children than you would like to think. Tigger from Winnie the Pooh could be an inspiration. The tiger stripes, though very impressive, are actually very easy to make.

How to Paint it –

  • Give a white base coat to your child’s face.
  • Sponge off the face orange leaving an area around their mouth, eyes, and the edge of the face or jaw.
  • Sectioning off parts of the face with areas of orange and white will help you create the muzzle effortlessly.
  • Use black paint to draw stripes.
  • Add black nose and whiskers.
  • You are done!

4. Butterfly Face Paint Design

While the butterfly isn’t technically an animal. You will be surprised at how many kids demand to be painted like a butterfly. The colours surely are the reason for many kids being drawn to them. You don’t need to paint the whole face, the area around the eyes is enough to create a stunning butterfly design on your child’s face.

How to Paint it –

  • Trace out the wings around wither both the eyes or one eye, depending on the wing placement you choose. Both eyes will also give a mask illusion.
  • You have the option of choosing the color here. Choose one, choose many, choose a rainbow – ask your child to choose their favorite. Paint the wings.
  • Add borders and details.
  • You can dot the wings with gems and glitter to make the design look more intricate.