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Budsies Custom Stuffed Animal

My girls are creative and artistic and imaginative.  Even though there are 12 years between them they can sit for hours with a stack of papers and markers and work on obscure projects that only they understand.  I’ve shared before their goofy and inspired drawings but was able to take them to a new level with Budsies Custom Plush.


Budsies is a unique service that brings life to your child’s artwork. Send them a drawing and they will create it into a high quality plush that will be cherished forever.

On Christmas day I presented Sabreena and Shae with their own Budsies. Confusion, excitement and then smiles is how things went after the gifts were opened.  The details are amazing, as well as the construction.  I don’t have to worry about the dangling legs or pompoms falling off because the sewing is strong enough to withstand little fingers and becoming a regular bedtime buddy.

Budsies Custom Stuffed Animal Plush

Budsies Custom Stuffed Animal

The idea of Budsies was born out of an idea to bring a little sister’s drawing to life to last a lifetime. It’s easy to create a Busies of your own child. Submit a drawing online or even from your smartphone via text message and you’re child’s new friend will be on its way 6-8 weeks later.

Every November, Budsies manufactures a duplicate Budsie for each one ordered.  These are then donated to children in need over the winter holidays.

Right now Budsies are on holiday special pricing for $49. Steep but this is a gift that comes from the heart.