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#MacysProm Event at King of Prussia Mall

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everywhere society disclosureWe are in the height of prom season, at least it is in most other high school senior households.  I’ve just been informed that Sabreena isn’t going. No real reason except she doesn’t feel like spending so much money for one night. I tell her she’s going to regret it but I can’t force her to go. That didn’t stop us from first attending the #MacysProm and trying on dresses.

#MacysProm Runway Show King of Prussia Mall @Macys

King of Prussia Mall, one of the best malls in the country, own Macy’s store hosted the #MacysProm runway show this past Saturday. We had the best seats in the house so we got the best shots of every dress that was strutted down the runway. I didn’t know what to expect but DJ Arun was playing awesome music and the models were walking to the tunes of Jackson Harris. It’s been many years since my prom, in fact I went to 5 of them. Each of them in very different dresses, from Black Mermaid to Teal ballgown to Glitzy White to Sexy Red. This year the trends seem to just as diverse.

Macy’s says Sherbet colors are hot this year. Personally I think they always are especially for prom.  It’s a fresh bight burst of color that is eye catching and shows up well in photos.#MacysProm Runway Show King of Prussia Mall @Macys

Something Blue was a collection of, you guessed it, blue hued gowns and social dresses. My favorite of the day is the short tulle and sequin navy dress. Did you catch the little serenade by Jackson Harris, so sweet.

#MacysProm Runway Show King of Prussia Mall @Macys

Every girl is pretty in pink. The flowing layers stood out on the runway. I especially loved the organza weaving on the bodice of the long pale pink gown.

#MacysProm Runway Show King of Prussia Mall @Macys

Sabreena’s favorite collection was Vintage and Lace. She’s got an old soul when it comes to clothing and accessories. Every formal dress she’s ever purchased has been lace of some sort.

#MacysProm Runway Show King of Prussia Mall @Macys

After the show we headed to the dress department for a little dress-up play ourselves. Sabreena loved this beaded  dress. It was similar to one that was on the runway. If only it came in a deeper hue she might’ve been talked into going to prom this year.

#MacysProm Runway Show King of Prussia Mall @Macys

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  1. Wow, they have some really nice dresses at Macy’s! I didn’t even realize they sold prom dresses there.

  2. These dresses are stunning! Makes me wish I was going to Prom!

  3. Gorgeous dresses! I didn’t go to prom, but I used to try on all the dresses and imagine someplace fun to go!

  4. those dresses are beautiful. We had the big huge hoop dresses when I went to prom. I love the sleeker looks.

  5. Prom has changed so much since I attended, I like these new, not so fluffy dresses!

  6. Ooh these dresses are stunning! This sounds like a wonderful event 😉

  7. Don’t get me wrong… the short dresses are cute. But when I think of prom, I think every girl should be decked out in the long glamorous ones! They’re stunning!

  8. What gorgeous dresses! I remember picking out my prom dress even though it seems like it was SO long ago. It’s definitely a process picking that perfect gown!

  9. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says:

    We were just discussing prom wear tonight. Love the long royal blue!

  10. They’re all so lovely! I like them all but the sherbet colors really stand out!

  11. She looks beautiful! Maybe she will change her mind still 🙂

  12. Those are some really pretty prom dresses! I love a good fashion show

  13. Pretty dresses…I like the fact that so many dress lengths are popular!

  14. This totally takes me back. What beautiful dresses. I’ve seen high school kids everywhere lately headed to prom. So exciting!

  15. teresa mccluskey says:

    Those are beautiful dress and I must agree the one she tried on is so pretty! I love it!

  16. I’m having prom flashbacks! But these styles are so much cuter!

  17. I love that there is a mix of short and long prom dresses. When I went to my prom, everyone wore short dresses…

  18. Angela says:

    That looks like a super fun way to get some prom inspiration!

  19. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love the sherbet colored dresses! Pastels are just so springy and beautiful for prom.

  20. Ahhh prom; such memories. Those are some fantastic looking dresses.

  21. These dresses are so gorgeous. I definitely have prom envy right now.

  22. Those are some really gorgeous dresses! I’m digging the sherbet colors!

  23. What gorgeous prom dresses. We just went shopping for a prom dress for our daughter and she got one similar to the gray one that is short in the front and long in the back. However, I think that one is a smidge too short, lol, her’s is longer. 🙂

  24. Those are all really nice dresses! Macy’s did a great job with that runway show.

  25. We love King of Prussia mall! When I was in school, I got several dresses for dances at Macy’s. Their prices are much more reasonable that what we thought!

  26. All of the dresses are so beautiful! It was a real struggle to find my daughter’s prom dress this year. I was so glad to finally find the right one!

  27. I use to work at Macy’s in 2000 and I got my daughter all of her formal dresses with my discount and clearance sales! I loved it! Those are some gorgeous dresses!

  28. I just finished prom dress shopping with my daughter and girls these days take prom and their dresses very seriously.

  29. The dresses are so pretty! I love the silver one with the pink skirt.

  30. Those are some cute dresses! I will have to remember to check Macys out when my daughter starts prom dress shopping.


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