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Snack and Meal Ideas with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads

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#cbias disclosureIt’s the end of the school day and I’m anxiously waiting for the kids to barrel through the front door. They come in and it’s like a tornado. Shoes are kicked off, jackets are slung on chairs, backpacks opened and papers are in the swirling in the air. Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM. Guess what happened at school today? Maxim got in trouble again. I got a perfect score on my test. Can I have a snack?I ripped my jeans on the playground. What’s for dinner? Can we have a snack? Can I watch Frozen again? Can I have a snack? Mom is spread thin these first few moments, time to #spreadtheflavor with Philadelphia soft cream cheese.

Philly Cream Cheese for Snacking #SpreadtheFlavor #shop

Time to take a deep breath, sit them down at the kitchen island and start the wind down process. I get them to each talk about their day, go over papers and start homework. This is usually when we break out a snack. Keeping it easy is usually the way to go. There is always something happening within the next hour such as Lacrosse practice, Youth in Government, Vet appointments or errands. There is nothing simpler than flavored Philly Cream Cheese.

Philly Cream Cheese for Snacking #SpreadtheFlavor #shop

Philly Cream Cheese for Snacking #SpreadtheFlavor #shop

Snacks can vary from cheese sticks to fruit to crackers & peanut butter. I always try to keep it small, light but tasty. Pretzel sticks or wheat crackers dipped into Garden Vegetable Philadelphia Cream Cheese has been a new favorite. It’s enough richness to satisfy their grumbling tummies but still wholesome so I don’t feel the mommy guilt like when I feed them less nourishing options.Philly Cream Cheese for Snacking #SpreadtheFlavor #shop

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads aren’t just for snacking and bagels either. I’ve been known to doctor up my staple Chicken, Pasta and Veggie dinner with a big scoop of Chive & Onion or Garden Vegetable flavored philly cream cheese. It transforms the tasty but simple meal into a decadent feast where no one is picking out ingredients they don’t want.

Food and cooking doesn’t have to be rigid or tedious or dull. Take the meals that you already prepare and give them a makeover. I choose Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads for this one because it a BIG change with little effort. Adding them to to pan drippings to make a sauce or stir into mashed potatoes for a delicious kick. Variety is key in making sure meals are satisfying and gobbled up.

#SpreadtheFlavor with these creative ideas

  • Chive Onion stirred into homemade mashed potatoes topped with crispy onions
  • Strawberry smeared on toasted waffles
  • Blueberry spread on a warm biscuit
  • Jalapeno mixed in your taco fillings
  • Garden Vegetable spread on a flatbread topped with mozzarella and veggies then baked

Is your mind working on how to incorporate this little bins of creamy goodness into your meal plan? Let me know what genius meal idea you come up with. As you can see my Walmart has so many flavors to choose from, I can never pick just one.

Philly Cream Cheese for Snacking #SpreadtheFlavor #shop

#SpreadTheFlavor #CollectiveBias #Shop

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  1. My hubby and I are big snackers, so we would love to try one of those cream cheese spreads when we have movie night!

  2. The possibilities are just endless. You gave me some new ideas. Thank you 🙂

  3. Oooh pass those black cracked pepper triscuit. I choose those for my dipper!

  4. I am a big snacker. Sometimes I prefer snacks over a real meal (oops) so I love finding new options and choices like using Phillly cheese. I don’t really like the plain version but now that they have different flavors it’s great!

  5. Love cream cheese and I’m always snacking!

  6. I feel like I’m always snacking, this looks like a great new snack! I’ve never thought of dipping cheese…good idea!

  7. Yum I haven’t seen the flavored ones! I use cream cheese a lot in dinner meals!

  8. Great ideas! I love some of the cream cheese flavors they have. I think vegetable is the best one!

  9. Ooh yummy! I just love Philly cream cheese and that they always come out with tasty new options. These snack ideas sound fab! I need to grab some for the weekend!

  10. The Chive & Onion or Garden Vegetable flavored Philly cream cheese with chicken, veggies and pasta sounds like a tasty meal. My kids love pita chips, I think the Philly spread would be delicious on those.

  11. I love the strawberry flavored cream cheese on bagels. And thanks for the idea of mixing Chive Onion with mashed potatoes – I will have to try that.

  12. Brett says:

    Cream cheese is so super yummy. Love it for snacks!

  13. These spreads are so delicious and versatile! I’ve even made chicken with them before.

  14. These are great ideas! I love cream cheese with turkey or cucumbers.

  15. I love love love cream cheese; straight out of the container or in my meals, it’s amazing. And you’re so right, it transforms any meal into something way better. There are so many flavored cream cheeses now, the snack and meal possibilities are really endless!

  16. Thank you for reminding me how much I love to dip stuff in cream cheese. I had totally forgotten. Yum!

  17. I love cream cheese but I had not thought of it being a snack. What a great idea.

  18. teresa mccluskey says:

    I love cream cheese, I use it on toast etc.. its so good

  19. I love the idea of a makeover. It’s a great idea to make dinner/food prep fun!

  20. We love Philadelphia Cream Cheese and use it daily, but I have never tried their spreads. I’ll have to take a closer look!

  21. Cream Cheese goes great with so many things! I love all the new flavors Philadelphia has now.

  22. I have never thought of using the jalapeno flavored cream cheese in tacos – great idea! I am a big fan of adding the chive flavor to mashed potatoes, like you suggested…YUM!

  23. I just bought some of this today! My house is big on snacks and Philadelphia Cream Cheese gives us variety and is so yummy!

  24. This is a good idea! I am looking for more of a variety of snacks for my kids when they come home from school. We love cream cheese!

  25. Philadelphia cream cheese is my favorite thing on bagels! It was actually offered at the hotel I stayed in this week and I could eat it at every meal, if given the chance.

  26. Mmmm, I love cream cheese. I love it with soft pretzels.

  27. Cream cheese from breakfast to dinner! I love these fun snack ideas!

  28. My daughter loves flavored cream cheese but hasn’t used it for anything other than bagels. I’m sure she’d love it as a dip!

  29. Oh yum! I love Philadelphia Cream Cheese! It would make a great afternoon snack!

  30. Cream cheese has been my go to for everything lately. Snacks, even a low card cream cheese pancake recipe! Yummy!

  31. My son loves to snack. But so far not to much with putting things like cream cheese on them. Shame. Looks like it makes snacks extra yummy.

  32. Awesome snack options! A cream cheese dip sounds amazing right now!

  33. I have thought about this one before but never had the chance to try one. I love snack and I get hungry too easily. So having finger foods close by would surely make me happy. 🙂

  34. Yep, I pretty much adore cream cheese so this blog post is right up my alley. 🙂

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