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Italian Meatloaf Muffins #recipe

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Everything tastes better in the form of a muffin. Muffins are cute, a great portion size and appealing to all ages. That’s why I love making meals in muffin form like these Italian Meatloaf Muffins.

Italian Meatloaf Muffins #recipe #dinner

It’s Thursday, that means Shaun has basketball clinic from 3:15-5:15 then Lacrosse practice from 6:00-7″30. By the time we get home and he gets the stink showered off of him it’s bedtime. These days call for dinner in the car. If you know me you know I don’t do fast food for dinner. Maybe it’s guilt from too many years of drive-thru dinners or just knowing I shouldn’t be so lazy and just make a good dinner.

Meatloaf muffins are easy to make, quick to cook and can be eaten on the go. I made these right before I picked Shaun up from practice so they were still warm but I’ve made them in the morning, packed them up and had them in stored for trouble-free meals later.

Start with your favorite meatloaf recipe but I’ll share mine. My kids actually really love it. It’s something they actually cheer for when I tell them it’s for dinner.

1 1/2lbs ground meat of choice. I prefer traditional meatloaf mix and loathe all ground turkey.
1 1/2 cups of finely shredded/chopped veggies of choice. This time I used carrots, garlic, red & orange peppers & onions. sautéing before adding to meat adds great flavor
1/3 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
1tsp freshly cracked pepper
1tsp kosher salt
1 egg
*1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley or 1TBLS dried
*2TBLS chopped fresh oregano or 2tsp dried

Using your hands mix the all ingredients but don’t overmix. You should still see the ground meat texture.
Fill 12 muffin cups with the meatloaf mixture. Bake for 20-25 minutes till cooked through.
Top with shredded mozzarella and a side of marinara or favorite pasta sauce.
Italian Meatloaf Muffins #recipe #dinner

Italian Meatloaf Muffins #recipe #dinner
Italian Meatloaf Muffins #recipe #dinner

*There are many variations of meatloaf you can make just by switching the ingredients that go into your ground meat & veggie mixture
Mexican-add cumin and garlic, top with salsa and shredded cheddar
Greek-add oregano and mint, top with crumbled feta and cucumber yogurt sauce
BBQ-add chopped chipotle peppers and top with favorite bbq sauce

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  1. I would have to eat 5 or 6 of them in one sitting, but I love the idea of single serving meat loafs like this!

  2. I’ve never been a big meatloaf eater but this doesn’t even look like the typical meatloaf my mom makes! These actually look pretty dang delicious. I could eat this!

  3. I think this would be great for the kids too. I know they’d love the smaller size!

  4. I love this idea. I am the only one that eats meatloaf, so I could make a small amount for me. Take some and put in the muffin tin, then freeze them till I am ready to make them. Thanks so much!

  5. Everything DOES taste better miniature. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. I love that it takes WAYY less time to cook, plus I can divide it up easier when I am feeding everyone! I love your recipe as well, I am a cheater and usually buy the pre-packaged mix. I will have to try this out – thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great way to dress up meat loaf, this looks amazing!

  8. These look like a delish option for dinner one night. I need to add these ingredients to my grocery list….unless you can just make them again and I come over and eat them with you. 🙂

  9. These look great and are cute..Do you have a problem with the grease build up or no? I’m def pinning .

  10. I love the muffin size meatloaf idea! Great way to have portion control. Also, thanks for sharing your recipe, it looks really good!

  11. I love how you can turn anything in a muffin! These are adorable.

  12. I happen to loathe meatlof, but my husband adores it. A perfect way to get small servings and freeze the rest.

  13. Those are so cute! I love the muffin portions- easy to save the extras!

  14. that meal looks great. I don’t eat meat, but I can still appreciate 🙂

  15. This is a really cute idea I like it a lot. Too bad my boys don’t like meatloaf I always loved it.

  16. I love this idea, especially since I like my meatloaf done, done, done. Then I wouldn’t have to cook everyone’s to the same degree of doneness. The flavors sound yummy too!

  17. Oh honey, that is brilliant! Kind of like an extra delicious hamburger?
    Now I am hungry, and I just ate dinner!

  18. Yum, like a bunless hamburger. My favorite! My boyfriend would love these.

  19. So creative and delicious! I love the idea of them in muffins.

  20. Amy Desrosiers says

    These look so tasty and easy to make! I love the little pan portions!

  21. This looks like a great on-the-go recipe. Looks very pretty too. I have to show my husband these, he will love it!

  22. These look yummy! I made meatloaf cupcakes, where the “icing” is mashed potatoes. Yum!

  23. These look so tasty! I love their little size!

  24. These look really good! I think my daughter would love these because they look like muffins and she does actually like meatloaf. Going to try this!

  25. These would be perfect to freeze! We haven’t made meatloaf muffins in a while. I just hadn’t thought of doing them that way. Thanks for the reminder!

  26. These look delicious1 I love the idea, and the tiny size!

  27. These look great! I made meatloaf cupcakes where the icing is mashed potatoes. Yum!

  28. I have always to make the meatloaf muffins but just haven’t done it. I will have to give it a try.

  29. Sandra (at) Coasahmom (dot) com says

    This is great! I remember my first time attempting general meat loaf — it was horrible. Pinning this one to use later 🙂 Thank you.

  30. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven} says

    I love anything in a muffin tin! Love this idea of the mini meatloaf muffins…and I think my husband would love it too!

  31. We have been making meatloaf muffins for about a year now! I love how they stay juicy- unlike a loaf!

  32. These look yummy. I love a good meatloaf!

  33. Been looking for a good meatloaf recipe. This is so cool that you put them in muffin tins!

  34. what a clever idea, making mini-muffins out of them. I could make a bunch and then freeze them until I need them.

  35. These meatloaf muffins sound delicious! The whole process of making them looks pretty simple, too. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Those look positively scrumptious. I can’t wait to try them.

  37. Susanna @Zealous Mom says

    I have never heard of meatloaf muffins, but these look so delicious! I’m a Southern gal so I love, love meatloaf. Love the muffin idea.

  38. Those look great! And they are already portioned, ready to go…that’s a win!

  39. those are the perfect size. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that. Then’s its ready and portioned.

  40. Did someone say muffin tin? I love cooking in that thing!

  41. Cleve use of the muffin tin! Easily portioned

  42. Those look great! Too bad it’s too late for me to go whip some up – maybe tomorrow.

  43. Oh my- this looks GOOD! I am going to pin this for later- I would love to try my hand at this recipe!

  44. My kids would wallop these up in a snap. These look delicious.Bookmarking!!

  45. Great Idea!

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