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Easy and Cheap Family Activities this Spring

The winter seemed short but the warmth that has started peaking through the cold winds and snow flurries are a welcomed change in scenery. This could only mean Spring is here. And that means it’s time to get outside to spend some fun quality time as a family.Cheap and Easy Spring Activities for FamiliesCheap and Easy Spring Activities for Families

To take advantage of these bursts of sunshine we’ve thought about a few easy activities that can be done outside with little effort, little to no expense but with a big payback of fun and family memories.

Grab a hula hoop and see who can last the longest. Yes, hula hooping can be done indoors but there is never enough room for EVERYONE to do it at the same time. If you have the extra large hula hoops try jumping them like a rope.

Feed the ducks with berries and thawed frozen peas at the local pond.  Be careful with those Canadian geese though, they can get greedy and sometimes a bit aggressive.Feed the Ducks

Start a garden with just a few seeds from your local home improvement store or garden center. Now is the perfect time to work with a planter or flower pot to get a jump on flowers or herbs.  Placing your seedlings in the sunshine during the day and bringing it inside at night ensures it will survive the remaining weeks of winter.

Paint the scenery with watercolors, pencils or even crayons. Bring your art supplies to the park or backyard. Find that perfect subject and bring it to life on a canvas.  Create a new piece of artwork for each season.Painting the Scenery

Visit a farm and watch the animals enjoy the weather.  It’s not just people that take pleasure in the changing seasons. Pull over and observe horses gallop through green meadows and cows munch on sprouting grasses and ducks splash in the pond. Animals of all kinds thrive in the warm sunshine.

Fly a kite on a windy day.  Make sure kids are getting some help from adults so their kite isn’t lost in a tree, power lines or into the sky. Kite flying can be tricky so practice each chance you get.

These activities don’t require extra special resources. Most of these things we have on hand but take advantage of swaps to have any kind of fun you can muster up just to enjoy your family in the great outdoors. The point is to spend time together creating memories, smiles and good times.