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Moving Tips to Make Life Easier

Nobody likes moving. While the end destination may be a dream, the process of packing up an entire household and transporting it anywhere from across town to across the country is a major pain. So, what in the world are you suppose to do to make it easier? We have a few helpful tips you can take advantage of. Whether you are on your own or packing with a large family, these tips will make life so much easier prior, during and after your move.

Go the Extra Mile with Labeling

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Labeling a box takes a few moments on the front end, yet can save you hours on the back end. With every box looking pretty much identical, you want to make it easy to determine where the boxes are destined for within the new home. This means either color code the boxes with a sticker, signaling the room, or write out what room the boxes will go to. The color code option is easier as all you need to do is slap a sticker on it, but however you decide to label your boxes, this is extremely beneficial. Moving companies in NJ highly recommends this tip. Also, make sure to slap the old “Fragile” sticker on the boxes with breakables as a reminder.

Easy Access Cleaning Supplies

Before moving in, the apartment staff or previous homeowners probably cleaned out your new residence. However, you probably still want to do some general cleaning, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Who knows what happened in the bathtub before your arrival, so you should clean this up before taking any kind of shower or bat (which after a long move, likely sounds great). So, have easy access to cleaning supplies. Have this be one of the last boxes you place on the truck. Last thing you want is to be forced to unload the entire truck until you can grab the tile cleaner.

Avoid Broken Makeup

Have you ever experienced going to your makeup bag or box after a move, only to find many of your cosmetics powders have cracked or worse? It’s pretty frustrating, especially with expensive makeup. This results in your makeup application not going onto the brush evenly. To avoid this, place some extra cotton balls into the container. This absorbs the impact of moving and helps prevent any breaking.

Use the Containers You Have

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Other helpful tips includes cutting down on the number of boxes you are forced to purchase. These boxes can become expensive eventually. Instead, use items you already have for storage. Those laundry hampers have all that open space, you might as well put something in it. Have hope chests or storage container you’re bringing along with you? Toss something inside. Just keep in mind what you are putting in. A hope chest full of books is incredibly heavy. So, consider putting a few books and some clothes in together. This spreads out the weight and prevents problems later on when unpacking.

Go with the Dolly

When renting moving equipment, you generally have the option of renting a dolly. It adds a few bucks to the final bill so many people turn it down. Don’t. It is both a time saver and a back saver. You can stack multiple boxes on the dolly at once and you don’t have to worry about throwing your bucket while moving so many items. Sadly it won’t work with the mattress or other larger, heavier objects, but that is why you hire professional moving companies to move the furniture, so you don’t need to.