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Fun Games To Make The Next Play Date Entertaining For Your Toddlers

Play date ideas

Whenever there is a play date looming in on your future, you often worry how to entertain the kids. It is necessary to keep them entertained and engaged. They learn to coordinate themselves and mingle with peers on these occasions.Group activities, especially for toddlers, are very important for their mental and physical growth. Also, it is good for you to get them engaged to avoid too many accidents or mischief’s. Here are five different and simple group games for kids:

1. Simon Says

Simon Says is a very simple game to play with your toddlers. It can played as a group activity or individually. Either way, it can help you to get your kid listen to you. It will also improve their concentration power. In the game, choose an adult to be Simon and whatever Simon says the kids will have to do them. For example, if the chosen person says “ Simon says touch your nose”, the kids should touch their noses. The game can also be a great way to teach your kids to distinguish between various body parts, colours et cetera.

2. One for you, One for me

One for you, One for me is a game that will teach your little ones the importance of sharing. If they are an only child, it must be difficult for them to share their possessions with friends all of a sudden. So, you have to teach them the habit of sharing right from their tender ages. Playing this game, you can hand of the kids a bunch of flowers, a bundle of crayons or a box of chocolates and as them to pass it around. Give every child a paper bag or a box to hold all the things they collect thus. Do it in rounds until each one of them gets to pass things around. This will also be an opportunity for the kids to make friends with each other.

3. Musically

Physical activities are very good for toddlers at their age. They all love to sing, mimic and dance around. Action songs and rhymes are a great way to get them move around a bit, jump up and down and have fun. Play them a series of songs, hopefully familiar ones, to which they can sing along and dance. You can also pair them up into groups while you’re at it to improve the bonding. Not only will the kids have a good time, they will also learn some rhymes and get some exercise along the way.

4. Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose as the name suggests is very easy to play for kids. You have to make the kids sit around in a circle. Now randomly choose one of them. Let the chosen one circle the outer space of the circle. As they get to each person they should say Duck and tap the person once. Doing the rounds, the chosen kid can choose someone to be the Goose. They can simply tap them and say Goose instead of Duck. Then the Goose would ave to try and chase the kid. If the Goose fails, he’s the next to do the rounds.

5. Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is a common but interesting game. You should get some open space for the kids to dance in and then play the music. Midway, you can stop the music and the kids should freeze in whatever position that are at that moment. If anyone moves, they are out of the game. This can go in till you find a winner.