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Transform Your Backyard with a Jungle Gym


Think back to when you were a kid and how great it was when your parents took you to the neighborhood playground.  Complete with a swing set, slides, monkey bars, and walls for climbing, you happily spent hours there entertaining yourself all afternoon, until the sun started to fade away over the horizon.

Now as a parent yourself, these memories and the fun times you had are almost enough to convince you that you need to install your own version of a playground for your kids right in the convenience of your backyard.

But if you aren’t convinced by remembering how much you used to love the playground yourself, here’s four other reasons to remind you of why you need to install your customised version of Funscapes Backyard Entertainment Solutions:

Family Time

While having a backyard playground is a great way to keep the kids happy and occupied outdoors, it’s about more than just your children. A playground is a great way to bring you family together, encouraging everyone to play outside in the evenings, or for mom and dad to sit outside on the deck while the kids are on the swings.  It helps strengthen family bonds, teaching valuable lessons in sibling friendship and gratitude, and of course, brings along lots of laughs, smiles, memories, and fun times together.

Renovation Friendly

Unlike other parts of your house, because the Funscapes Backyard Entertainment Solution is external to your house, should you go under renovation, build onto your home, or even move to a new location, the jungle gym stands strong! It provides a great source of stability in your child’s growth and development and can be a consistent play place, often working to ease anxiety and reduce stress experienced by your child in times of transition and change.

Builds Community

One of the biggest benefits of installing a Funscapes Backyard Entertainment Solution, is that while it may be in your backyard, it is a great way to build community, foster friendships, and encourage interaction with neighbourhood families.  You can invite local families over for a play date, and both families can enjoy time outside together, while the children learn important lessons such as sharing, taking turns, and interacting appropriately within a social setting.  For many children, an outdoor jungle gym becomes the root of many well-crafted memories with local neighbourhood kids and becomes a way to develop lifelong, trusting relationships.

If you’re ready to help improve the health and well being of your children, spend more time playing and laughing outside as a family, and work to build better relationships within your community, it’s time to consider a Funscapes Backyard Entertainment Solution.  With a huge array of options available, we are sure to have one to meet your needs. Get started on your plans today by contacting Funscapes. We can’t wait to help you out and work with you to build family memories and childhood friendships.