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Why Money Will Certainly Help You to Be Happier

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We often hear people talk about how money cannot make you happy, a sentiment that I do not entirely concur with. As a mother there is obviously not a chance that any amount of cash could make me happier than spending time with my kids and watching them grow, so I understand how someone who could not have children for example, may not be happier than me, despot perhaps having a million dollars in the bank. With this being said, money most certainly can help you to be happier, and here is why.


Throughout the world, there are people who do not receive the very best medical care, simply because they cannot afford it. I will not get political here, but this is a simple unpleasant fact and there are people all over the world who receive the very best medical care, based on how much money they have. Take for example the amount of people refusing chemotherapy because of the cost, you cannot tell me that these people would not have a better standard of care if they were to buy megamillions lottery tickets online and hit the jackpot, that they would not be infinitely happier and healthier.

Better Situation

The key causes of stress come down to work and to finances, two issues that will be completely avoided if you had a healthy bank balance. Now in many cases people who become reach remain with these issues, at least the finance issue, because their lives become more expensive, this however, is not a prerequisite of being rich. The people, who have money and live stress free, are those who have managed their cash in such a way that there is no reason to be stressed out by the monthly income and expenditure. This type of situation also allows people to invest their time doing something that they enjoy, rather than grinding day in and day out, just to pay the bills and fill up the fridge.

More Fun

You do not need possessions to have fun, but they most certainly help. For example if you like to drive cars, what better way to do so than in your beautiful new Ferrari, if you like to ski then why not take a tour to the world’s greatest ski resorts, if you like to go to concerts, you can sit front and center in the VIP section. The point is that money will help you to upgrade your fun times, and make them even more special.

What people should say when they mention this comment about money, is that money ‘alone’ cannot make you happy. Having money can improve many aspects of your life but if you are not happy within, then money will certainly not change that. The key is to go after the money, but always remember the simple things that make you happy.